Monday, June 11, 2012

GULP Alert: Sit-down Mass...getting common?

Isn't this liturgical abuse getting a bit common nowadays?  Like in retreats and recollections?

Oh come on, admit it.  You too had been to this sit down, campers-type or Buddhist type of a Mass, dont ya?

And as some people would say:  "May sinira na namang buhay si TPC."

I call out the liturgical abuse and I destroyed a life.

Yeah.  Guess they think like the abusers themselves, eh?

"Walang basagan ng trip!"  So, it's just tripping doing liturgical abuse?!

Just leave them alone as they continue this travesty.

Liturgical abuse is no simple matter.

It is a desecration of what is Holy.

It taking things for granted.

And it is not any simple thing that we can take things, uhm, sitting down.

Yeah, pun intended.


Thanks to DKB for the tip!


  1. "May sinira na namang buhay..." Are these people freakin' kidding me? Baka sinirang KABUHAYAN, remember, no audience, no show, no talent fee in a sobre! er...stipends pala. Well who the hell cares?! There are rubrics, so follow them! You are priests of the Living God, not cheap starlets aiming to get more audiences and more projects, bah! You could at least do that for the faithful who actually give a damn, and not punish us with theatrics and utterly lousy sermons (things that I ALWAYS endure when I attend the NO). If I wanted gimmickry and drama in my religion dapat sumali na lang ako sa kulto ng "born again".

  2. Funny Thing is I Once Assisted at Mass at the Moro Lorenzo Center and There was a High Altar with Tiny Japanese Chairs.