Thursday, June 14, 2012

Guess where they had been

 The sisters posing after attending a seminar....

......about Pranic Healing!

Sooooo, Catholic!


If you have Catholic nuns like this spending more time learning to become more Hindu, then who needs a yogi to drive you away from the teachings of the Church?

Pranic healing heals you through cosmic energies called prana.  We, Catholic believe that we are healed by Grace, through the mercy and providence of the Almighty, not through the waving of hands, not through the channeling of good prana or chi.

God's grace of healing comes to us through his instruments, be it a sacred relic, like the helm of the Lord's garment (Mt. 9:20), the handkerchief of Peter (Acts 19:12), even the mere shadow of Peter can heal  (Acts 5:12-16)!

Pranic healing masks itself as channeling the healing power of the Holy Spirit since He is the source of all good energies.  This is baloney.  Pranic healing requires you to follow steps on which chakras or energy centers to "clean" and you also "wash" yourself of bad energy using salt and water (huh?  copying from Catholics?  hehe).

If indeed the Holy Spirit heals, why focus on each chakra?  Why not just go and touch!

So Pranic Healing and other New Age stuff that these "Catholic" nuns woould like to learn, most probably in order for them to become..."healers", like all those televangelists  you see and hear Fr. John Trigilio of EWTN calls it:  "NONSENSE!"


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