Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Episcopal Mass in Latin celebrated ad Deum

Which some would call 'ad orientem'.  But I'd rather call it Ad Deum, or towards the Lord.  We all face the same direction and in this case towards the crucifix and the Tabernacle where the Lord is being kept.

Thanks to a dear friend for sending and sharing the photos.  And once again a very very big kudos to Bishop Antonio Tobias of Novaliches!

I hope this becomes the norm in the entire diocese, no?

Last time I was in the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd was during the funeral of Cardinal Sanchez.

Here are the wonderful photos


The altar arrangement.  From how it looks, the 7th candle looks like it is in front of the altar crucifix. (?)  You can also see reliquaries on the altar.

The entrance procession

The incensation of the altar.  You can see Bishop Tobias wearing a Roman chasuble, which is a rare sight in OF Masses across the country.

The elevation of the chalice.  Notice the concelebrant lifting the helm of the bishop's chasuble, and he is kneeling and his position and that of the thurifer and incense boat carrier.  These are obvious influences of the EF Mass.  This is the enrichment of the OF that the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI wishes!

Communion of the servers.  Kneeling and on the tongue only!

Communion of the faithful, well some of them as you can see at the back, kneeling and on the tongue.  I am not sure if the others received on the hand.

The recessional.  You can see the MC of the bishop wearing the distinctive amaranth cassock.  I guess the MC is a layman as he is not wearing the clerical rabat.

MEGA KUDOS to Bishop Tobias, the Diocese of Novaliches and the altar servers of the Good Shepherd Cathedral!

We hope and pray the this liturgical orientation becomes the norm in the entire Diocese!

And don't let that diminutive liturgist harass you Bishop Tobias!  You are the bishop of your own diocese!  He is just an appointee!  He cannot tell you what to do!  You answer only to the Pope and to God Himself!


  1. Shouldn't it be "Pontifical Mass" even if the OF does not have that category? The term Episcopal Mass may mislead since it could refer to Mass celebrated in the Episcopal Church!

    I hope Bp Tobias said the silent Canon. That would be the most EF influence. In the English Ordinariate, the priests say the silent Canon, a carryover from the Anglo-Catholic tradition which has its roots in the Tridentine reforms.

  2. I thought Sir TPC you meant "anglican" when you wrote "episcopal", Pontifical Mass pala ibig niyong sabihin, hehe.