Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SSPX Update: Williamson loyalist confirms it!

Based on this video, this is what we can sum up as observed by J. Christopher Pryor:

1. Bishop Williamson is actively working to undermine Bishop Fellay by attempting to thwart a reunification with Rome.

2. Bishop Williamson, Bishop Tissier de Mallerais and Bishop de Gallareta are united against the Holy Father and Bishop Fellay.

3. The SSPX might have already reunited with Rome if it were not for the leaking of the letter of the three bishops against Bishop Fellay.

4. The letter of the three bishops against Bishop Fellay was leaked by someone in the Williamson camp with the intent of thwarting a reunification of the SSPX with Rome.

5. The Williamson camp is hoping to stall an agreement long enough to take over at the SSPX General Chapter this summer.

6.The Williamson camp is apparently meeting with lawyers to discuss how to obtain SSPX owned property in the event of a split.

7. The Williamson camp is counting priests to determine how strong their position is. There is frustration that some priests keep "switching sides."

8. The Williamson faction believes that, in the event of a split, they have good control of the English district, Mexico and Asia.

9. Williamson's folllowers believe Rome has lost the faith. (They call it "New
Rome" or "Modernist Rome".) They believe that they can reunite with Rome only when "the Papacy returns to the faith."

The split is real and I think the reaction against the unification do not come only from within the SSPX. There are those within the Vatican who do not want this to happen. And the Vatican Leaks scandal has something to do with this.

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