Thursday, May 3, 2012

GULP Exam: Spot the Not

Simply terrible.

Whoever made this up, was really trying to impress.........someone.

Click for a larger view.  Hope it does not strain your eyes.


  1. This is one of those times that I really wish I was more learned in these particular things...I don't know what's wrong with it. Please enlighten me lol. (That was meant to be serious, not sarcastic, so I hope it does not come off as so)

  2. Here's my take on this: the illustration depicts the Last Supper with Christ and the Apostles seated around the table facing each other. Nothing wrong with that, right? In fact, this is how generations of Christians have imagined the event, and this is also how it’s usually portrayed in art or film. Problem is this is also one of the "justifications" used by "liturgists" for one of the innovations introduced after the Second Vatican Council: Mass said "versus ad populum" (facing the people). It’s something along the lines of “If Christ and the Apostles faced each other during the Last Supper, which is the first Mass, then shouldn't Priest and people face each other during Mass as well”? Odd, that kind of thinking may have led one “famous” “liturgist” to call the Mass a “meal” and do away with the Crucifix and candles on the Altar and advise others to CHEW the Sacred Body of the Lord received in Holy Communion, since “its bread!”
    Another thing I have noticed is that while the illustration depicts the Consecration of the Bread, the Apostles still number twelve, whereas the Gospel accounts (particularly St. John) say Judas had already left to consummate his betrayal before this Sacred Act. Incidentally, while verifying my facts on this on the internet, I chanced upon a forum where it was posited that Judas was present when the Bread and Wine was consecrated into the Sacred Body and Blood and was even given them by Christ himself – hence Holy Communion should be open to EVERYONE (EVERYONE meaning non-Catholics, atheists, those who procured contraception and abortion, practicing homosexuals, every Tom, Dick and Harry, heathen and heretic, the whole bloody lot!) After all (as the catch-all justification of Cafeteria Catholics and Doctrinal Dissenters and Liturgical Abusers says), “God is merciful, God is Love”. Is this mentality the product of years of brazen, unbridled Liturgical Abuse and watered-down or practically non-existent Catechesis? Well, you don’t have to be Einstein to know the answer to that question.

  3. "THE MOST HOLY SECOND ECUMENICAL COUNCIL OF VATICAN" Sounds this Council has created a Super Dogma or Infallible proclamations, though i know it is just a Pastoral and not a Dogmatic Council

    1. Yes, Vatican II was meant to be humbly pastoral, but they did produce two dogmatic constitutions: Lumen Gentium (Light of the Nations - On the Church) and Dei Verbum (Word of God - On Divine Revelation)

      And I'm pretty sure that "Most Holy Second Ecumenical Council of Vatican" was the official title for Vatican II.

    2. As far as the title goes, it is the same title used everywhere the new English translation was introduced. So I still don't know what's wrong with it. Lol.