Thursday, May 3, 2012

From a TPC Reader: Something to cheer me up. :)

An encouraging email from "Michael"


Hi Sir Knight.

Just call me one of your biggest fans. Your blog makes me more convinced of my conviction in transitioning from a VATICAN II freak to a Traditionalist. [Aha!  Secret SSPX!  Hahahaha!!!]  Its not that I am against VAT2 but what I am against is the loose interpretation of it. I have to admit that I was a former fan of that sad old man in Malaybalay, but when I attended one of his masses, I have lost faith in him.  [Swswswswswshhhhh?]

By the way... If ever you will pass by La Union, I suggest you go to Mary Consolatix Monastery along Naguilian Road. Its around 45 mins away from Baguio if you will ride the mini bus going to San Fernando (or if you have a private car, its faster). They are a community of indigenous traditionalist nuns (although their oratory looks very Novus Ordo). Msgr. Cosalan of Baguio says the TLM for them every month (there's a lack of priests who can celebrate the TLM in La Union, it is infested by SVDs). [infested!  what a strong word.  LOL!] If you are able to talk with an extern sister there, ask them to pray over you (Yeah I know it sounds Charismatic but that is how they bestow blessings on people) [oooookey?] or just ask her to include you in their prayers.  [Praying before the Blessed Sacrament is more than enough.  Actually, IT IS MORE THAN ENOUGH.  Not that I hate the hands of the sisters, no.  But, laying on of hands is for priests and bishops alone, sorry.]

Continue what you are doing Sir Knight, you are not just only inspiring people, you change them.

God bless!

And here is my response

Hi Michael, thank you very much for those kind words. Emails like this really inspire me to continue my work on the blog even though it is really taxing me a lot.

If it is ok with you that I share your email and post my longer response there. I promise not to reveal your real name.

God bless you Michael and hope that you keep to the Faith in spite of the attacks against the Church from the outside and from those inside who aim to water it down.


I hope this has the same effect on those who regularly follow the date, 1,000++ visitors every single day.

Thank you for making blogging more worthwhile.

"Quoniam zelus domus tuæ comedit me, et opprobria exprobrantium tibi ceciderunt super me." Ps. 69:10


  1. Sir Knight/Kuya Pete

    I Too have to Credit this Blog(and WDTPRS etc..) for Encouraging Me to Reject Liberation Theology,Made-Up Unauthorized Litrugies and Modernist Liturgical Inculturation. Teaching me to Discern what Books to Buy from Catholic Bookstores and Taking Bishops with a Grain of Salt.

    Anyway,My Parents will Almost)Never Understand why I am a Traddie.

    In one word:THANKS!

    P.S If NOT for your Blog,I Would NOT persevere in Going to A TLM,Much Less Assist in It.

  2. I Forgot to Mention Embracing Orthodoxy,Solid Philosophy and Theology,and Respect for Liturgical Rubrics by Mutual Enrichment of Both Respectively,Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms of the Roman Rite.