Saturday, May 12, 2012

Brewing storm inside the SSPX

The reconciliation of the SSPX and their Personal Prelature is almost a done deal.  But the hardliners inside the SSPX are making their intents known:  No compromise with modernist Rome.

It is the same as saying that the Church only exists in them and they do not acknowledge Benedict XVI as Pope.

Read the letter of Bishop Fellay by visiting Rorate Caeli.

PS:  I will comment about the letter in another post.


  1. Again, a glimmer of hope when I read this article at Rorate. And again, all came crashing down after reading the comments. Seems there will be hardliners who will never accept any form of agreement between the Pope and Bp. Fellay. Sigh.

  2. We may have to put SSPX in the "ecumenical relationships" category!

  3. kawawa naman ang obispo fellay.

    the heavy weight of this cross he bears alone. i wish there is some way we can console this guy.

  4. It is expected that the three bishops will be against this decision of Bishop Fellay. I think Bishop Fellay knows what he is doing for the society. If the society be will be regularised it doesnt mean that the fight against modernism had ended. This will be the start of the fight to fix the errors of the Vatican II.

    They already suffered the punishment of excommunication and i think if they will be forced to follow the errors of Vatican II in the future then it will not be that hard for them to receive another punishment again.

    We know what the society if fighting for and i know it will not change but i think they should also consider the charity of our Pope for the good of the whole Church.

    As per Bishop Fellay, the society accepted 95% of the teachings of the Vatican II and i think it is enough for them to accept the offer and to fight for the 5% when they are already inside the walls.