Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Book on Vatican II to set the record straight

Aw shucks!

No one from MST, SVST and Euntes?!?!

No one from the feminist theologians?!?

No Angry Nuns?!?

No dissident theologians who herald the New Pentecost of Vatican II, or the Academic Liturgists?!?!

Darn it....

Of course, I was being sarcastic!

Thank goodness for this one.

It is just in Italian though, but expect an English edition soon.  No, it would not contain "And also with you."

And no need for Episcopal Conferences or ICEL to meddle in the translation.

But I still prefer, as do most conservative and traditional Catholics do...

A Syllabus of Errors in interpreting Vatican II must come out.

Maybe after this book, no?

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