Friday, May 18, 2012

80 former Minnesota priests sign petition protecting marriage

Take note. FORMER.

From this site.


Eighty former Minnesota Catholic priests, many from the Twin Cities Metropolitan area, have signed a statement opposing the Marriage Amendment that will be on the ballot this fall. The statement was released today (Thursday) at a press conference led by former Catholic priests.

The proposed constitutional amendment would restrict marriages in Minnesota to one man and one woman[Now I am happy that they are former priests.  If they are in active ministry and signed this petition...BOOM!  Outta here!  But.....wait!  What happened to those Filipino theologians who signed a paper supporting women ordination, contraception, selective abortion....]

The resigned priests’ statement is contrary to the views of the state’s Catholic Bishops, [just the state?!  Stupid reporter.] said a spokesperson. The 80 former priests represent 1,000 years of service to the Catholic Church[Weh?  Di nga?  More like 1,000 years of dissent embodied in 80 year old guys!  Ha!]

A committee of five former priests drafted the statement and collected the signatures.

They emphasized that Catholics have the right and a duty to vote according to their consciences, [that conscience rubbish again.]  and that all Americans should be treated fairly and equally.

According to committee members, one reason for issuing the statement is that active priests were strongly discouraged from expressing dissenting opinions openly.  [You are not discouraged.  You are just violating rules.  And whether you are a priest or a corporate guy, if you violate company rules, or publicly encourage the disobedience of these laws, then it is the door for you, boy!]

The statement reads:

“As resigned Catholic priests who collectively devoted more than 1,000 years of service to the Church, [what a load of crap that is!]  we strongly oppose the proposed Marriage Amendment to the Minnesota State Constitution. Free to express our opinions openly, we call on all people of good will to exercise their fundamental right to follow their consciences and to resist discrimination against any of God’s children[What?!  God Himself discriminated!  Discrimination in itself is not a bad thing. Only these LGBT people did!  When you say "Light and Dark" you discriminate.  When you say "Hot and Cold" you discriminate.  When you say "Man and Woman"  you discriminate.  God created them Man and Woman, not Man and Woman and Womyn...  Marriage is a Divine Institution that God Himself created.]

“We encourage Minnesotans to base their vote on principles of justice and love. In violation of these principles, the proposed amendment would deprive an individual of his or her right to marry the person he or she loves. Therefore, we resigned priests encourage all Minnesotans to vote “no” on the marriage amendment.”


I hope they stay resigned.  Ooops...They will always be.

I hope they stay resigned to the fate that 

I still believe that when we tinker or play around with the holy, everything become trivial and mundane.

We played with conception with contraception and so we have abortion.

We played with marriage with Henry VIII's divorce and so we have more broken marriages and know we have people redefining what a man and a woman is and so we have these redefined people redefining according to their whims and caprices what marriage is really all about.

So, know you know why I hate it when people redefine what the Mass and the Liturgy is all about.

And I thought we had a world-renowned liturgist in our own backyard....

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