Monday, April 9, 2012

Troubling scene during Good Friday

I have seen the photos before they were posted by a good friend over at Rorate.

Now judge for yourselves.

I'll join in the discussion.  Would want to wait for your comments first.

Now this is what a part of the procession looks like.

Now this is PART of the crowd who joined in the procession.


  1. Nyaks@! YUCK! Bakit merong NURSE JOY dyan? Baka sali sila jan... representing Satan..

  2. Is there anything WRONG with the First Photo?

    Someone should Tell the Organizers that Having UNFreemasons Participating in this Procession is a NO-NO!(Unless they Put aside their Aprons)

  3. Panginoon ko Maawa ka patawad sa sala. Panginoon kong Hesus na sa kaamo-amo mong ulo ay pinutong ng mga tampalasan ang Koronang tinik. Panginoon ko Maawa ka Patawad sa sala.

  4. HEY!!! Wala namang mali sa photo. I want to believe that demons were present too during the first Good Friday. =)

  5. Are those Freemasons?! You have go to be kidding. I didn't even there were Freemasons in the Philippines. Hopefully, they're not Knights as well, or I'd be really freaking out.

    But just so I'm not missing there something wrong with the first photo?

    1. Yup those are Freemasons Lorenzo. Unfortunately, some Knights are also Masons. I hope the Grand Knights and District Deputies do something about it. Oh, sorry, I forgot. My past Grand Knight is a Mason. Last he told me was he was going to leave the Lodge. Not sure if he did it.