Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rome Reports: SSPX nearing to full reconciliation!


  1. Unfortunately, as the SSPX has clarified, Fellay has not signed anything:"This is therefore a stage and not a conclusion."

  2. Unfortunately, as the SSPX has clarified, Bishop Fellay has not signed anything but only submitted his version of the doctrinal preamble. See what is now posted on the SSPX site: "This is therefore a stage and not a conclusion."
    "The media are announcing that Bishop Bernard Fellay has sent a “positive response” to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and that consequently the doctrinal question between the Holy See and the Society of St. Pius X is now resolved.

    The reality is different"

  3. Thanks for this update TPC. The Remnant Newspaper website reports: "The Media Jump the Gun: Bishop Fellay's "Positive Response" was Mere Compliance with Cardinal Levada's March Request for Clarification on the Doctrinal Preamble." I just keep on wondering why over at THE APOLOGIST'S WEBSITE HE has all of this news on converts etc, etc. But no mention regarding this wondrous news? Heck! Even Fishwrap has an update on this! Why oh why does HIS "splendid" BLOG has even no mention of this until now? Nothing, nada, nunca. In Russian: NYET, NYET! :D

  4. Andrea Tornielle reported it. Whenever he reports something, you can bet on it as true.

    In the first place, many in the SSPX do not even want this dialogue to happen in the first place! :)

    So. I couldn't care less about it.