Monday, April 16, 2012

Liturgical abuse is an abuse

Many thanks to Kurt Baylin for the photo.

Even if the priests and nuns who gave you a seminar says that it is ok, it is NOT!

Read Reademptionis Sacramentum.  Dancing at Mass is forbidden!

Yet we continue to see this happen all around the world and even in CATHOLIC Philippines...........which I also forgot to mention is Anscar Chupungco's liturgical playground for his kind of Mass, which is really a MESS.

Here is another one.

From the same shrine in Negros.

I learned that it was the call of the priest to have these girls dance.

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  1. I am a Filipino American that is very proud of my Filipino culture. But there is one thing that I am not too proud of and that's the many abuses of the Catholic Church in the Philippines and because of these abuses, many people that I know are changing their denomination to Baptist and other similar faiths. You see, we are all sinners as human beings and the gospel teaches us that as Christians we should accept anyone who wants to be saved and help them to the light. While being very active in my former Catholic church in the Philippines, I have been frustrated by the abuses that I am about to mention. Catholics take what their leaders tell them as gospel. If their Catholic leaders say that they are condemned to hell and that they are not worthy of God’s glory, they will believe this too. I have seen people by the hundreds being turned away because this particular Catholic Church (and others like it) felt that these people weren't worthy to receive God's blessings. Just a couple of examples are- * Two young ladies wanted to be baptized. The young ladies explained that they worked bars out of necessity and to feed their families but wanted to leave that life and be closer to God. I witnessed these ladies and many others like them being turned away because "they weren't living their lives in a manner that our Lord and Savior would approve of". The funny thing is, I have seen these young ladies visit the church quite often and donate their hard earned money. When they were donating their money, no one from the church mentioned anything about the church's disapproval of their life styles but were encouraging them to "donate more." Another example is a young unwed mother wanting to Baptist her daughter and was told that she couldn't, even if she was raped because she wasn't married. I was very appalled to hear this. Again, I have seen this young lady come by the church on many occasions to donate money and again nothing was said about her unwed status when she was giving to the church so why is her status a problem now? If this was an isolated incident. I would understand but people are being turned away daily because someone in the church feels that they are not worthy (but their money is). After visiting Catholic churches in America, Canada, and even Europe, I have seen the love of the Catholic Church and it is definitely a 180 difference from the old, stiff, very-critical and corrupt ways of the Catholic churches in the Philippines. In my opinion, the Catholic churches in the Philippines are way out of touch. I have not seen the Catholic Church in the Philippines say a peep against the massive "red light" districts that openly exist. I have not heard them say a peep about the corrupt officials; I have not heard them say a peep about the predators that prey on our children and innocent women. But over and over again I have seen them turn people away that seek God's glory when the ones that they are turning away were probably the victims of the ones that they should be fighting in the first place. Shame on you all that conduct your churches this way. I am not saying that all churches in the Philippines are this way but I do know that there are so many that do and this letter is about the ones that do. You all need to take a good hard look at yourselves and ask for God's help in changing yourselves and setting the example first instead of condemning people. There are many people there that need help from the Catholic Church. I am very sad and heartbroken that they are on their own because the ones in charge of the Catholic Church protects the predators and turns their backs on the ones that needs their help. Instead of fighting for Lady Gaga to stay out of the Philippines, fight the predators that are there now. This and only this will help to repair the image of the Catholic Church in the Philippines.