Monday, April 2, 2012

Jesus after the flagellation

Ecce homo!

Images are like photographs.  They remind us of the someone or something.

Even though they are rabidly against the use of images, the INC themselves have constructed a statue of the rapist, angel wannabe, anti-Christ Felix Manalo Ysagun.

But I'm digressing again.

Here is a highly detailed image of  Christ after his flagellation from the private collection of Dr. Love, Br. Jun Banaag, OP, a Tertiary Dominican, and famous radio host.

Looking at this image takes me back to the gut-wrenching flagellation scene of The Passion of the Christ.

Images really help us to pray and recall the important moments in the lives of the Lord and the saints, just as pictures of our loved ones and important moments in our lives are captured through photographs and paintings.

And for the nth time, even if we kiss or kneel before these images, CATHOLICS DO NOT WORSHIP THESE IMAGES OR STATUES OR ICONS!

All images are copyrighted by Br. Jun Banaag, OP, so don't copy it and use it for your Facebook profile or claim it as your own!

The details and painting are stunning!  You can see that the left eye of the image is swollen, added to show how the face suffered at the hands of the Roman torturers.

Here is the close up of the face.  You can see a dried tear on the eye.  The wound on the cheek is so realistic!  The paint shows both freshly dripping blood and dried blood.  This is really a work of a master craftsman!

And here is the view of the image showing the flagellation wounds!

By His stripes, we are healed!

Imagine, just a fish bone stuck down our throats and we are whining the whole day!  Compare it with what Christ went through for us!


You can view the full photo set of the images by visiting the Flickr account of Br. Jun Banaag.

Remember!  These are not my photos.  These are copyrighted images of Br. Banaag.  Visit the link for viewing purposes only and do not COPY!

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