Tuesday, April 24, 2012

GULP Exam: Guess who is the Sub-deacon here

From Father Z's wonderful blog.

Note both the men in the left and right are wearing vestments that both resemble a dalmatic.

Tunicles are reserved for the Sub-deacon in the EF Mass.  Sub-deacons are either a priest, deacon (transitional or permanent) or an instituted acolyte.

So in this photo which shows the two men wearing which look like both are dalmatics, how can you tell which is the deacon and sub-deacon, basing on the rubrics of the 1962 Missal.

Post your answers.


  1. Look at what's wearing under their dalmatic/tunicle but over their albs: If you see a stole (worn diagonally over the left shoulder), it's a deacon. Otherwise, it's a subdeacon.

    At High Mass in the EF, from the Offertory to the Pater Noster, it's easier to spot a subdeacon -- he's wearing a humeral veil over the tunicle.

  2. the one without the maniple is the subdeacon =)

  3. One of them is wearing a maniple. If I'm correct, he's the deacon then.

  4. The Subdeacon is to the left of the priest in the direction of the priest and the Deacon is to the right of the priest celebrant in the direction of the priest. The subdeacon is not wearing a maniple because he is not ordained in the major orders but is rather taking the place of an ordained man when none is available for the role of subdeacon. The maniple may only be worn by those ordained in major orders (and those who are subdeacons in their respective traditional societies of apostolic life or churches i.e FSSP, ICRSS)

    In my church many times we have a man not in major orders (i.e seminarian or experienced principal servers) act as subdeacon to make a Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form possible. This is permissible if and only if there is no priest available or willing to do so.

  5. They guy on the right without the maniple, if someone it not an ordain clergy or acolyte, he he can still be a sub-deacon, but does not wear a maniple.