Saturday, April 28, 2012

GULP Alert: Liturgical Dancing for Benediction

Thanks to Carlos Antonio Palad for reminding me of this nauseating video.  hehehe

To MM, (stay away from the bottle. ;) joking.) show this to that know-it-all woman in your parish who think dancing, raising hands and waving hankies and flaglets ala Pestecostal-style of worship is a good Catholic thing as it makes the Mass more lively.

Yeah, right.

Christ is present in the Eucharistic species and the Mass is NOT alive, so you need a know-it-all teacher, acting like a professional parish liturgist (yeah there are those who claim that title), to tell you everybody needs to learn how to doggie to make the Mass more lively. Hey it rhymed!

On second thought, NO!

She might have this crazy idea of copying this abuse!

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