Tuesday, April 17, 2012

GULP Alert: The good and the bad and the ugly.

Here is a very nice photo of the great Filipino liturgist, Fr. Tim Ofrasio, SJ during the ordination of young Jesuits into the priesthood.

Notice the glaring difference between the two priests, the one on the left?

Fr. Tim knows his liturgy.  While the rest of the Jesuit priests and guest priests who attended used the hideously ugly overlay stole with a black stripe in the middle, Fr. Tim opted to use the correct vestment and put it properly.  You can see the fringe on his stole which is put under his chasuble, not the other way around as most priests do.

The other priests must be chuckling to see Fr. Tim look different.  Well, all of those who see this photo are the ones chuckling now for the others who vested differently from Fr. Tim.

Too legalistic?


He just know how to do things properly.

If the priests like most Jesuits do not give a damn about the Church's laws, then they are just blatantly showing a bad example to all of us.

Which we must not follow.


  1. This Picture makes Me More Inspired to Consider Entering the Jesuit Priesthood,but We Will Never See the Likes of Fr. Ofrasio in Our Lifetime.

  2. The Jesuit priest with the black stole is so low church. He looks as he were an Anglican priest wearing a tippet or preaching scarf!

  3. I think it's not fair to say that the other priests are chuckling at Fr. Tim. I'm sure they didn't. I've seen a few baby-boomer generation Jesuits (particularly Americans assigned transferred to the Philippine Province during the 70s) run amuck with the liturgy, but they are exceptions not the rule. Let us also remember that the Society of Jesus was the last order to be approved by the Church, along with that they are also an exempt religious. I'm still trying to find out how extensive their exemption is, especially in relation to the GIRM.

    I've also been to a dozen of Jesuit Ordinations (both diaconate and presbyterate), and most of the priests wear the vestments that way. If you're going to blast the priest for their wearing of vestments, you might as well blast the bishop (including the late Jaime Cardinal Sin) who officiated in the ordinations for not criticizing or reprimanding the "ugly" use of vestments.