Friday, April 13, 2012

The erosion of belief: More liturgical horrors during an Easter Vigil

Yeah, that is how the Mass has become to the people behind this "show", a SHOW.  The Mass is something you "plan" to make it "more lively", as if the Mass where Christ is sacrificed is DEAD.  They tell you the Mass needs to be more "interesting" as if the Mass is boring and unattractive.

So if people are taught that the Mass is a show, they expect it to be a show! 

Children MUST DANCE during the Entrance Procession or during the Singing of the Gloria...

Someone must act out while the Gospel is being read. I once attended an Easter Vigil and the whole reading was acted out! It was a total mess!

Priests MUST make them LAUGH during the homily...

Tons of whatever you can find to offer during the Offertory Procession MUST BE OFFERED and an explanation of why it is being offered is read by the Commentator.  Ever seen a toga and diploma offered during a Baccalaureate Mass?

Loaf bread was consecrated since according to the priest, Christ took bread not HOST! Arrrggghhhh!!!

Each person was asked to receive ONLY ON THE HAND and to show the spirit of giving and community, must not put the Host he received but must place it into the mouth of the person standing next to him on the Communion line. AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

Now, you know why the Church has told us about Lex orandi, lex credendi. The law of prayer is the law of Faith.

Before the Church has written down what it believes in through the codification of the books of the Bible and the Creed, we were already praying, and our prayer expresses what we believe in.

Do not be surprised why we have Cafeteria Catholics, those who choose like in a cafeteria, what suits them.  I prefer to call them BUFFET CATHOLICS, gluttons who take only what they want and when they have their fill, leave their half-finished plates. Why we have Catholics who openly defy the teachings of the Church and do whatever they want? Active homosexuals, couples who co-habitate, use contraception, abort their babies, use drugs, graft and corruption....

These are all signs my dear people of the corruption of our people

And it is all thanks to the great work, or none of it, of our bishops and priests, who failed miserably in their work to tell the people right from wrong, of telling their flock of what is Holy and what is Mundane, of what is life here on earth as a preparation for LIFE IN HEAVEN.

When I saw the photos that were sent to me, aside from what I ranted above, this thing comes to mind:

"The parish priest just admitted that he is a lousy proclaimer of the Gospel that he needs the help of children to proclaim the Resurrection of the Lord, which he always reads every single year of his life as a priest of the Catholic Church!"


No wonder you have priests who'd use the energy to make Powerpoint presentations for their homily.  Words are not enough!

Poor St. Paul and St. Francis Xavier.  You are not as good as these SHOWMAN PRIESTS.  You are not entertaining enough, and you were born in a time that has no electricity!

Try preaching with words and deeds, and stop the CREATIVITIES that is anything but creative because they distract the attention of the Mass goers from the essentials!

The reason, aside from that one, why I hate these skits or acting, if you call them that, during the Mass, is that they are perfect grounds for GRAFT AND CORRUPTION.

Yup, you read it right.  These ACTING WORKSHOPS and their TRAINERS are pathetic actors of whatever theater you have who'd charge an arm and a leg to train church people during these days.  I am a witness to this.  Priests would rather spend P20,000 to P30,000 of church donations for this useless, one-night only performance, yet they frown upon spending the same amount of money in purchasing edifying and beautiful vestments, vessels and images for the worship of the Lord during Mass!

Really mind boggling!

Why oh, why dear liturgists and priests are Masses like these drawing young people, huh?

Why oh why then are you afraid of televising this kind of Mass?

Oh yeah, I know all about it, how the ugly head of that Benedictine monk and his minions turned towards a regular Sunday Mass on TV after a TLM was shown on national TV....the following Sunday they broadcast their "rebuttal" of that hopelessly dead, yet still being flogged to life zombie known as Misa ng Sambayanang Pilipino?

And you think they were through?  No siree.  The whole program was recommended to be taken off the air!

Such power that old man wields!  Makes you think that he might be like his idol, Annibale, you know, the liturgical leanings and SOCIETY he might be affiliated with?

Just wondering........


  1. Well...There are Dozens More of Young People like Myself who are Beginning to see The Abuses the NO can foster on the souls of the FAITHFUL.

    Instead of Lex Orandi,Lex Credendi,How About This? :

    Lex credendi legem statuat supplicandi


    "Let the rule of belief determine the rule of prayer." This is more liturgically accurate than the more commonly seen "Lex orandi, Lex credendi" ("the law of prayer determines the law of faith"), which was condemned by Pope Pius XII in his Encyclical "Mediator Dei" (paragraphs 46-48). The latter, to use the words of His Holiness, inaccurately assumes that the "sacred liturgy is a kind of proving ground for the truths to be held of faith, meaning by this that the Church is obliged to declare such a doctrine sound when it is found to have produced fruits of piety and sanctity through the sacred rites of the liturgy, and to reject it otherwise." Instead, the rule of belief determines prayer.

  2. Bad Liturgy is equals to Bad Theology. You have definitely Nailed it because by having this "Liturgical" Boo boo Shows this Endangered the Faith of the People and will lead to Apostasy and much worse, Heresy kaya nga may mga Cafeteria Catholics, look at his Half Baked looking Liturgy