Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weird comment

And I get lots of those.

Even rants from fans of certain VIPs I love to blog about.

Yeah, even from Cardinal Mahoney's fans!



Sharing to you a comment in my post about Manny Pacquiao being appointed Bible Ambassador by the CBCP.

Jesus wasn't a catholic, so why are you people convincing people to be a catholic?


He know..uhm...well...who...where?


Yeah, a bit harsh.

But really got me thinking.

We really need more catechesis!


  1. Sir, this article got my attention: So I'm wondering, if M.P. has joined the heretical "born-again" cult, why are bishops hailing him as if he was still a faithful son of the Church?

  2. martin, maybe this could answer your question. There are some priests (and maybe Bishops) who seem to have lost "the Catholic identity". These are priests who believes that Protestantism is okay and must never be treated as a heresy. Would you believe I have a priest friend who made this statement "oy si (name of person), hindi siya Katoliko, Christian siya". WOW. I know that this phenomena (calling Protestants "Christians" to differentiate them from Catholics) is becoming the norm (thanks to media), BUT I WOULD NEVER EXPECT IT TO BE SAID BY A PRIEST. So I guess that this Bishop is keeping a blind eye regarding Manny's protestant activities thinking that hey even if Manny is Protestant, he is still "in the league".

    I guess with the current statements of M.P. he has indeed switch to the Protestant camp. I pray to God that I am wrong. Every time I see a fellow Christian loose the Faith I could feel how Jesus felt when one of His friend sold Him for 30 pieces of silver. Just recently, four of my relatives in the province had become Protestants too.

    Not unless priests would preach again to the pulpits the difference of Catholicism and Protestantism, emphasize the importance of the Eucharist as a necessity to salvation, the necessity of confession and the Catholic Church is THE ONE TRUE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST AND IT GOD'S WISH THAT EVERYONE MUST BE IN HIS CHURCH...cases like that of MP would increase. And the situation in America and Europe wherein some parishes need to close due to lack of churchgoers will be our situation too. Much to the delight of Lucifer and his minions.

    1. I guess we are all familiar with the watering down of the Faith by those who are supposed to guard and teach it as THE One True Faith necessary for salvation (clergy, religious, lay leaders) but that doesn't prevent me still from scratching my head when I hear these kinds of things. I mean, hailing an APOSTATE as a future saint because of his FALSE love for Scripture? Did these Bishops not realize that when Pacquiao allowed himself to be misled by this agent of Satan, Jeric Soriano, and converted (actually the Catholic Encyclopedia uses the word PERVERTED, see entry on the House of Norfolk) to the latter's CULT, he put not only his own soul in danger but the souls of his family and fans and further confirmed these enemies of the Church in their error? And they acclaim him? WHA?!

  3. Sir TPC, just to clear my conscience. the priest I mentioned here is a good friend of mine. It's just so sad that things like this happen. I love the guy for he is my friend, but I did not "love" what he said.

  4. Here's another interesting twist in this story: I just hope the clergy impress upon M.P. that it was the CATHOLIC CHURCH that compiled the Bible that he loves, and is its SOLE interpreter. I believe this is an act of mercy from Our Lord and I pray BOTH parties don't waste the opportunity, the clergy to RE-EVANGELIZE Mr. Pacquiao, and Mr. Pacquiao to recognize his ERROR and REPENT.