Friday, March 2, 2012

The "problem" with the Traditional Mass

A pesky problem with the Traditional Mass is this: (courtesy of Mulier Fortis blog) and in WDTPRS.

“Of course, just when you get a decent MC (Master of Ceremonies) trained up, he leaves. We’re losing about three soon… That’s the trouble with the Old Mass… it keeps causing vocations…!”


I can vouch for this.  I have known a couple or more devotees and acolytes of the Traditional or EF Form of the Holy Mass who end up entering the seminary or convent.  And their reason for entering?  Their love for the liturgy.  They have entered traditional orders, mind you!

Can we get the same reaction from those devoted to the Tambourine Mass at SM Megamall?

Well, uhm, just asking.

I am wondering if they'll ever say:


"I want to become a priest because I want to have my own TV Mass and do powerpoint presentations and bring a smile to the face of the people as I made their Mass more lively and animated!"


You still wonder why these liturgical abusers still do not want to follow the simple rule:

"Say the Black, Do the Red."

Well, as the Lord said:

"You shall know them by their fruits."


  1. I Overheard a Man,talking to Fr Ofrasio after the Latin Mass at the Ateneo yesterday that His son is now a Seminarian in Australia and Hopefully,he will serve him next June.

  2. Hello Sir, I just want to ask What seminaries are offering traditional orders? TNX sir.. :)