Monday, March 19, 2012

Name day of Pope Benedict XVI!

Paptized Joseph Alois Ratzinger.

Today is his name day!

Gloriously reigning and sitting upon Peter's Chair!

A great number of saints are devoted to both Our Lady and to dear St. Joseph.

Who is your patron saint? And when is your name day?


  1. Could You Please expound about the Catholic Tradition of the Name Day!

  2. Here Josemaria:

    1. Here's more:

    2. Prayer to Say on Your Name-Day
      (the feastday of your patron saint)
      O God, today is a special day for me, the feast of my patron saint, N. . . . It is a remembrance of the most precious gifts that You bestowed upon me on the day of my Baptism. Therefore I thank You from the bottom of my heart for the priceless treasures poured into my soul through holy Baptism. I owe You my life; had it not been Your Will, I would not be here on earth. Even more, I owe You the life of my soul.

      I thank You for the gift of holy Faith. I implore You to grant me Your grace, that I may always act as every Christian ought to act. I give You my heart, that You may help me to preserve it without sin and be Your faithful child all the days of my life.

      What can I give You, for all You have done for me? I unite my heart to the heart of Jesus and offer You, unworthy as I am, the inexhaustible treasures and merits of His most Sacred Heart. I also offer You the Immaculate Heart of Mary with all its merits, and the merits of all the saints. I especially offer You the merits of my patron saint, N. . . . whom I thank for all his/her prayers, help, and hidden guidance throughout my life.

      I praise and thank You for all of the blessings You have bestowed upon me, and I ask forgiveness for all my sins and ingratitude. I humbly implore You to grant me, through the merits of Jesus and Mary, and the prayers of St. . ., all the graces I will need throughout my whole life.

    3. Thank You! That's the Best Gift(of prayer) I have ever received on THIS Name Day of Mine!!!

      May Almighty God Bless You Always!

  3. If one would notice (in the Wiki entry about name day), it's more commonly done in Orthodox countries than Catholic ones. In Greece one's name day is more important than one's birthday. My chrismation name is Rodian (or Rodianos) after St. Rodianos and his name day is March 20.

    1. Actually Rodian, Catholics in Rome greeted the Holy Father on feast days of St. Joseph in the past. I have seen the video before in Rome Reports. I can't find the video though. So it is not a purely Orthodox thing.

    2. Well, I did say it's more commonly done in Orthodox countries than Catholic ones...