Wednesday, March 14, 2012

For young traditionalist men who want to become priests

The great blogger, Father John Zuhlsdorf has a very wise advice for all of you!

Back in the dark days of the 80′s when in my seminary to have a statue of Our Lady of Fatima or to say the rosary in public meant expulsion, I came up with the Six Rules of Seminary Survival. Where you are they may still pertain:

Rarely affirm.
Never deny.
Seldom make distinctions.
Smile a lot.
Say very little.
Never wear black.

In my day, it was as if we were officers-in-training, but in the military academy of the enemy. That seems like the situation there.

This is what you must do: learn what these modernist oppressors have to teach, parrot it back to them, and read good books on your own, with a flashlight and shades drawn if necessary.

And if you have to give up the internet, then for the love of God and His Holy Church give it up.

Get ordained.

Your day will come.

There will be time after ordination to learn the TLM and build up that dimension of the formation they are – contrary to the Church’s law – cheating you out of.

For the sake of that day, be quiet and make sacrifices of your desire to surf around as you will.

If you have to, you can – believe me – hang by your thumbs until your hands are anointed.

Do not, by fighting or reacting suddenly, give those… aging-hippy modernists anything to beat you with.

Once you are ordained, with a joyful smile and in charity destroy their life’s work.


I have known a couple of friends who swear they could have just shut the hell up and played politics just to get ordained!  :D

And I know a couple who did just that and raised their nutty professors into a frenzy for "coming out" and showing their true Traddie colors!

Well, "destroying their life's work" is what some of Fr. A's students are doing, eh?

Read the entire post here.

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So to those wanting to enter the seminary and have this knack to hunt for liberals and modernists...

Heed Fr. Z's advice!

Ranting about your Anathema sit won't get you anywhere!

And the Church is found on both East and West, North and South.  So, stop your obsession about directions, ok?!


  1. Interesting. Though it does bring in a dilemma: would one have to compromise for the sake of ordination? How would that be, then? Would one need to go along, so to speak, just to be promoted? I have seen clergy, perhaps get along or because of peer pressure, compromise on many things. And I have seen as well those who, at first, was very much orthodox in thinking, only to later on give in, all for the sake of conformity and out of advancement in rank. So the dilemma would be, until when should one compromise?

    1. Fr. Z was clear Rodian. Until you get ordained.

      Play possum. Or in spy movies, be a sleeper.