Thursday, March 29, 2012

EF Mass is not for nostalgia

Take that Deacon Ashmore!


  1. Hello Pinoy Catholic...

    As we all know, next week will be Holy Week already... We will be having a Good Friday procession of the Santo Entierro following the Good Friday Liturgy. I don't know about the order of the carrozas for the procession. Please help us. Thanks.

    1. Hello Franciscus,

      It depends on what the images you will be using on the procession. I have witnessed different kinds of Good Friday processions in my life but it usually ends with the Santo Intierro and then the grieving and Sorrowful Mother.

      Usually the processions I see bear images about the last hours of Christ. The first carroza would be about the Last Supper and then follows carrozas according to chronological order.

      I have also witnessed a procession where the images of the Biblical characters mentioned in the Passion narratives are born in the carrozas, like Mary Magdalene, Mary wife of Clophas, Veronica, Longinus, etc. But they always end with the Santo Intierro and then the Mater Dolorosa with women veiled in black following the Sorrowful Mother. The procession in itself is a reenactment of the Passion and Death of Christ and the reenactment of his burial procession.

      Hope this helps. :)

    2. Paumanhin Franciscus if I would butt in. Sir TPC is right. The order and number of carozzas in the Santo Entierro Procession varies according to the availability of your parish and its parishioners. But as I had noticed three carozzas are always staple. San Juan, The Santo Entierro and the Dolorosa. In the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes they only have four, the three I mentioned plus the Nazareno.
      Who goes first is also different from one parish to another. In Santo Domingo Church, it starts with Christ's agony in the garden. In Pulilan and Baliwag (when I was young) St. Peter with his keys leads the mourners of the procession. I read that in some provinces they still start the procession with "Death". Though obviously, the grim reaper is not afloat on a carozza. The book "Prusisyon" by Michael De Los Reyes could provide you a good idea of the who's who of the Santo Entierro procession, just be a bit wary because the book is hailed by Sir TPC's favorite liturgist. hehehe. Another good book is the coffee table book Cuaresma. And finally I would suggest "Ang Prusisyon ng Mahal na Pasyon" by Teodorico Trinidad.
      Here is a "cast of characters" of the Santo Entierro Procession.
      1. San Pedro
      2. San Jose ng Arimatea
      3. San Nicodemo
      4. San Matias
      5. San Jose Justo (Barnabas)
      6. San Cleopas
      7. Santa Veronica
      8. San Lazaro
      9. Santa Marta
      10. Santa Maria ng Betania
      11. Santa Juana ng Cusa
      12. Santa Salome
      13. Santa Maria Susana
      14. Santa MAria Jacobe
      15. San Longhino
      16. San Dimas
      17. Santa MAria MAgdalena
      18. San Juan Ebanghelista
      19. Mater Dolorosa.
      Sorry for the long post. I just love the Santo Entierro Procession.