Monday, March 5, 2012

"Catholic" president closes chapel

"Malacañang employees are complaining that the Chapel has been closed and no masses are being said thereat."


That was taken from former Senator Maceda's column.

You know where our president got his education?


I guess the priests in his school told him that there is such a thing as separation of Church and State so.....

Since he is PHL president, he should not side with a particular religion...

So...the Catholic chapel has to go.


  1. Malacanang has a Catholic chaplain. Did the President send him away too? However, Catholics working at the Palace may say prayers next door at St Jude's. We all know that this is the saint for the hopeless and it is beginning to appear Noynoy is hopeless!

  2. Well I bet Pareng Barrack gave him a high five regarding this one. King Louis, Stalin, Napoleon. The president must learn something about history regarding Sovereigns who maltreat the Church. Siguro let's wait for further details regarding this issue. Malay mo naman, they are just having some renovations. =)

  3. They (employees) should have known the reason of the closure. It could be a renovation activity so that Noynoy can pray ardently away from shutterbugs.