Friday, March 23, 2012

All about the old rite of Blessing Holy Water

My post about the comparison of the new and old ritual of blessing of the Water is still generating a lot of hits for the blog. And I got an interesting comment here which I am sharing with you.

Of course I was just joking.

But seriously, this is symptomatic of the problems with most of today's clergy which are:
  1. Some priests honestly think that the Old ritual books have already been burned and need not be resurrected from the ashes, just as they were taught at their theology schools. Probably because their Liturgy professors.
  2. Some priests are simply too obstinate to think that they can get away with liturgical murder all the time, which unfortunately they always do since no one has ever been tried or penalized for committing horrible liturgical abuses. Does Cardnal Mahoney and St. Vincent School of Theology and Euntes come to mind?
  3. Some priests, and I think a large number of them, are not even informed about Summorum Pontificum, which strangely enough, in this day and age of the Internet and social media, their bishops or superiors still keep them in the dark.

So, as far as I can assess that campus minister?

He is a pinakbet!

He is a mix of all three.

But on second thought, I love veggies and this Pinoy version of Ratatouille.

But I do not appreciates priests like that campus minister acting that way.

My advice is not to push the issue. Just look for another one who is willing to do it.


  1. Uy, based on the person's name, mukhang maaaninag kung saan tong school chaplain na to. I've been to the same school (if my hunch is correct). And during my RELSFOR subject I had a minor debate with my professor regarding the issue of women ordination. My teacher then was a Redemptorist who shared his belief that he wants women be ordained as Catholic priests. The debate did not gain enough steam among my classmates so the teacher thought it was just a waste of time and simply changed the topic. Come to think of it, during those time I was still not a Catholic (Im a former Wiccan) and yet there I was defending the Church's stand regarding the priesthood against... A PRIEST....IN A CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY! ANIMO! =)