Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Striking a chord: Catholic Mass with Pentecostal elements?

I guess the post about the More fun in the Philippines post about the priest with his hands up in the air really struck a chord especially with the fans of the pictured priest.

Well, let Michael Voris explain it to you why raising hands and having a Pentecostal service inside a Catholic Mass is NOT OK and NOT FUN.

Pentecostalism is soo rampant in Africa where Catholicism is growing. No wonder why the Pentecostals are there! They would not even dare preach in China or any Muslim countries! They like to 'evangelize' in Catholic countries.

Which do you think now is helpful for Catholics to rediscover the holiness in worshipping?

I take off my salakot for our brothers and sisters in Nigeria.

They know how to worship properly, AS ADVISED BY CHURCH LAWS.

And not by clapping hands, shouting gibberish (aka Tongues daw!), liturgical dancers with tambourines (you see this every week in SM Megamall and on Studio 23. Belch!) and following whatever the Pentecostals do, EXCEPT following what Holy Mother Church teaches us through Her Popes and bishops.

PS: You get rants on such topics from fans of these kinds of priests just because it is realy not about the issue of liturgical abuse. But it is all about their IDOL getting noticed in a VERY BAD WAY in a blog like this.

If you think your priest is not doing anything wrong. Then shush! If you think they doing something wrong, tell it to him in a brotherly way.

Nothing to be afraid right if you did nothing wrong.

Finally, what is the rant all about? Well, obviously it is all about the priest. Wow! Great devotion! Not about Christ and His Church.

Wrong priorities.

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