Monday, February 6, 2012

Obama is Der Fuhrer

He claims to be fighting for women's right to choose.

But, he just murdered thousands of female babies!!!

Such a shame and a tragedy for someone born from ancestors who have struggled to be free of slavery and discrimination.

Just a swastika in there and there you have it.

But the difference here is this coot does not shout when he delivers his speech nor does he wear a uniform.

He projects and talks like Oprah.

And smiles like the Close-Up guy.

Kisses babies like he is the Pope.

But if there is one thing that he is good at, it is failing at everything he promised to do for his country, well except destroying the moral fabric of the world, all for the sake of freedom to choose, even if he goes to War with Christianity.

Well, not Islam...

Sounds like a pretty well indoctrinated Mason, eh?

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