Monday, February 13, 2012

Latin Mass at the Ateneo

I pray and hope that these "brave souls" led by the great Filipino liturgist, Fr. Tim Ofrasio, SJ, one of the few Jesuits I admire and respect, bring back the Ateneo to its Catholic roots.

Many thanks to the Ateneo Latin Mass Society for continuing their apostolate.

When will this be held at the Gesu?

PS:  This church is jokingly called among my confreres the Katipunan Pyramid, Loyola Enterprises (pun on Star Trek), Taj Arevalo.

And will the other Jesuits in LST attend the Mass?


Go visit the society at their new blog site:  maintained by the Monk's Hobbit.


  1. Hi Pinoy Catholic! I'm Angelo, and we have corresponded before. I'm a member of ALMS and a friend (and former student) of Mr. Monk's Hobbit.

    The ALMS has been successful first in holding regular masses for some time now, at least once a month.

    Our last two masses so far have been held at the Oratory of St. Ignatius inside the Loyola House of Studies. ALMS has the blessing of Fr. Quilongquilong, the current rector of LHS. I do not hear "negative" commotions.

    And in our most recent mass last January 26, the Oratory was filled with Jesuits. Even I was surprised. Many, including priests and seminarians. Even Fr. Arevalo was there. Great blessing indeed. So there, let me correct that Jesuits indeed attend Latin mass.

    A Gesu mass might still be possible.

    Aside from the wordpress site (which was only recently finished), one can visit and like our FB page:
    Most announcements and photos are linked here, since the wordpress site is still in the process of being updated.

    And everyone is invited to attend the mass on March 1st.

    PS: I'm an Atenean, as I mentioned in my emails to you, but I side with most of your points, particularly that of restoring the sense of sacred in our liturgy. May God bless you and everyone.

    1. I hope to see the photos of the Jesuits attending the TLM. They might be students of Fr. Tim. I hope they one day would celebrate the Old Mass when they get ordained and soon have a Solemn High Mass at the Gesu.

      I will definitely be there.

      Be a nostalgic trip of sorts. :)

  2. Actually, there were a considerable number of Jesuit Scholastics who assisted at our last Mass. Add to that number some Jesuit priests and a deacon. Ateneans from the Loyola Schools (and some from the high school)also assisted.
    The massgoers in our last Mass numbered around 80, or so I believe.

    I think the younger Jesuits are more open to this, not the least because some of them were taught by Fr. Tim. Of course, not everybody in school approves of this, but I really thank the Lord that a good number of people in ADMU, both lay and clergy alike, do not find anything wrong with the Old Mass, and are receptive of it. The Campus Ministry knows of us, and they have not shown any opposition to the group.