Friday, February 24, 2012

Defending the Faith, PUBLICLY!

Michael Voris and our friends at Catholic Faith Defenders in Davao slugging it out not to get the praises of the crowd listening, but to help them realize the Truth!

God bless these men!

I knew about this since it happened but I deferred to Michael for the Vortex episode.  :)

And Kudos to our friends at Couples for Christ as well!  :)

For all those engaged in apologetics, here is the rule of thumb.

As much as possible, if you see and feel that the one you are debating up against is someone who needs to know the Truth and is just confused with what he had, keep your cool and DO NOT ATTACK HIS PERSON. Much less if you are someone of stature let's say, uhm, a priest or religious. Keep your cool. Don't curse readily. Yup, I know, that Christ cursed the Pharisees but it was after He probably lost His temper. He did not outright condemned them.

Yeah, I know, I too am not perfect. I lose my cool too.

But what these guys do in Davao City Hall plaza is AMAZING!

Imagine the stress you would have to put up with just to debate these people?!

Patience indeed is a virtue and what we are hoping for is to have bring someone into the ONE FOLD OF JESUS CHRIST.

And by the way, if you want to stress something, YOU CAN ALL CAPS THE WORDS.

But Internet etiquette dictates that if you all caps your words, it means you are shouting Bro!

Honestly, you either look dumb or you need a new pair of glasses. Ha!

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