Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An anti-Catholic rant on my comments page

And I couldn't help but post it here.  :)


Tell me Queen of heaven defenders [Ooooo,  I like the title!  Thanks!]  how are you gonna pay your historical crimes, [the what now?] the bloody jihad/crusades, [Muslims attacked and what do you do?  Read history books laddie and you'll see what good the crusades did.]  the people you killed in the reformation era, [like who?  Reformation?  is it just the Catholics?  Protestants did it too.  Ever heard of St. Thomas More?]  is the 6.5 murdered Jews (Holocausts), [Dumb.  Nazi thing becoming a Catholic thing.  Duh!]  the Spanish inquisition, [Ever read that the Pope was asking the Spanish Crown to stop the Inquisition?  Guess you did not read that part also.] your priests who killed Rizal, [Who did? Did what?  Good grief!  Jesuit priests were present during his execution.  Rizal recanted Freemasonry because of Catholic priests!]  the altar boys/gals your perverted priests raped, [Yeah there were those.  But never heard of altar girls getting raped....Hmmm...Dan Brown wrote that or the tooth fairy told you so.  Well, ever heard of Born-again pastors raping his followers?  Guess you did not read that also, eh?]  the present spiritual prostitution-Universal Ecumenism with pagans, etc. [Do I smell someone from SSPX around here?]  If the Biblical Christ [What Bible are you using, dude?  66 books or all 73 of it?]  will come are you 100% assured He will recognize you? [Are you?]  Remember he said not everyone who said to me Lord lord will enter the kingdom of God but only those who do the will of my Father.


Great thing he said those last lines..

Because 2,000 years of unbroken lineage from Jesus Christ to Peter to St. Pius V to Pope Benedict XVI is your assurance that the Catholic Church is the Church founded by Christ on earth.  Kingdoms and empires have fallen.  Emperors, monarchs, despots and dictators have risen and fallen but the Catholic Church still stands.

So go ahead, read the Bible.  It's a noble and righteous thing to do.

But do not use it against the Catholic Church and Her sons and daughters.  The very Church you are attacking is the same Church that gave you that Book you are holding.

If you could ever find a piece in history that tells you that it  was not the Catholic Church that gave you the Bible then I will CONVERT.  I will meet you in public and I will CONVERT.  If you cannot, then I invite you to attend a catechism class in a Catholic parish near you.

Being young, left along in your room by your parents, and reading conspiracy theories won't get you anywhere.

Study, earn a living through decent and honest work, and be a good citizen of this country.


Enjoy the video:

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  1. Hohum. In a way let me give this man a round of applause for being BRAVE in posting something like that here in TPC where most of the followers are Catholics WHO READ AND UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE AND KNOW CHURCH HISTORY. Ang daming follower dito who could easily answer his veeeeeeeery old accusations about the Church. Wala na bang iba. Yung tipong ang Pope eh clone ng mga aliens from Mars. (just kidding).