Thursday, January 12, 2012


 A Spaniard donning his galero with the tassels hanging on the sides to look like a cardinal.  :)

This was how the capello romano with the tassels, that act as a galero.

Look here.

And here is the country's lone galero.

The galero of Cardinal Rufino Santos, hanging in the ceiling in the Manila Cathedral - Basilica.

I uploaded this photo in this post.


  1. I believe that's the galero of Cardinal Sin. Cardinal Santos's galero may have long since disintegrated

  2. No. This is Cardinal Santos' galero. I saw this long before Cardinal Sin died. And as far as I known Cardinal Sin, he is not a fan of traditional vestments, save for the ferraiolo.

  3. And Cardinal Santos died during the last century. Cardinals of New York died earlier than Cardinal Santos and their galeros are still hanging above the sanctuary of St. Patrick's Cathedral.

  4. Oh, thanks for the clarification. I stand corrected. ;-)

  5. Interesting, so that's what its called. I saw this hanging in the cathedral back in 2010. It must have been a relatively recent installation. What is the significance of the galero and that it should be exhibited in the cathedral?