Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another liturgical abuse

Guess what the dog is wearing.

Yup.  The dog was made a part of the Mass.

And you think you had seen it all.

And you think things like this are about to fade.

Well, the hippie priest who engineered this, I think, courtesy of the biological clock losing its batteries.

Read about this nonsense, here.  The Mass has gone to the dogs, literally.

And judging by the altar and the habit of the priest in the center, this is an OMI parish.

I wonder what their founder, St. Eugene de Mazenod, must be feeling after seeing this.


  1. At least they did not give the dog communion as in an Anglican church in Canada!

  2. well St. Anthony gave the Blessed Sacrament to a donkey (when he tried to prove the Real Presence to heretics) but at least the donkey bow down before the Most Blessed Sacrament..

    1. But did the Donkey receive the Host? I am not familiar with St Anthony's story.

    2. A heretic challenged St.Anthony regarding the real presence. he starved his mule and brought it to the saint. The saint on the other hand carried a monstrance with the sacred host. fresh grass was given by the donkey's owner but the beast ignored it and approached the monstrance and reverently bowed. There are a lot of versions of this story, however I don't know any version that says that St. Anthony let the donkey receive the host.

  3. I don't think st anthony would let the donkey eat the host..