Wednesday, December 21, 2011

For those who do not believe in Christmas

Those who do not believe in Christmas should...

a.  Go to work on Dec. 25.  There is no reason for the holiday anyway.

b.  Not get any bonuses.  There is no reason for the bonus anyway.

c.  Not receive any gifts.  You don't believe in the season in giving

d.  Not ask for any gifts.  Duh!

e.  Not join any Christmas Parties.  What is there to party for?

f.   Not be carolled.  They hate jolly music.

g.  Not be greeted Merry Christmas.  You do not deserve to be Merry on a day you don't believe in!

PS:  This is for the Iglesia of Manalo and Atheists (spoiled brats who could not get over their unhappy home).

I have Muslim friends who greet me "Merry Christmas" and not "Happy Holidays", you know that "politically correct" crappy greeting.  Better for my Muslim friends.  These INCs and Atheists are uncouth!



  1. That's because our Muslim brethren believe that Isa (Jesus) was a holy prophet. His birth is thus celebrated.

  2. I have an officemate 7 years ago, who is a Jehova's Witness. He told me that they don't celebrate Christmas. BUT he is always ready to receive Christmas bonuses, and join us in our Christmas parties.

  3. I do not celebrate Christmas. I did 5 loads of washing and other housework on the 25th. Happy?
    We have our own 'thing' we do so we can exchange gifts blah blah. We do it on 21st Dec so that should give you a clue.

    I do not go to Christmas parties, as for gifts, and would go to work if I were required to (have done many times), so NO - I do not take advantage of any perks.

    The way you have put this sounds very childish.

    Most people accept that Christmas really doesn't have that much to do with Christ, so they are hardly hypocrites for having a family gathering and festivities of a specific kind.

    Many of the Christmas symbolism and traditions are Pagan in origin, so I could ask 'why do Christians use pagan symbols?'

  4. 'why do Christians use pagan symbols?'


    Christianity triumphed over paganism.

    We started using pagan temples and converted them into Christian basilicas!

    The obelisks of ancient Egypt are religious symbols of the Pharaoh and the Sun god, Rah. But these were brought to Rome and was placed in front of major papal basilicas like St. Peters, but not before a Cross was placed on top of it. Why? Again... SIMPLE. The CROSS IS VICTORIOUS OVER THE PAGAN GOD.

    Ever heard of the Pantheon?

    Celebrating birthdays is a pagan thing. Burying the dead is a pagan thing.


    Blah blah blah...

    We all do things pagans do. But does it make us pagans?

  5. How many times this Basher will be Humiliated on this one, Each time they claimed that Christmas has Pagan origin, but later on they will face a humiliating embarassment courtesy of their Stupidity

    He has no idea indeed what is Parthenon Hehehe

  6. I think even building temples were a pagan thing..