Monday, December 12, 2011

Don't believe everything you see on TV.

There are die hard fans.

As in, DIE HARD.

They do not know how to separate reality from fiction.

And that is what happens with MOST OF THOSE WE WATCH ON TV.

We might think he is a great guy, adhering to the BASICS of the organization he is attached to.

Unfortunately, after the cameras stop rolling, the wool is shed and out comes the black fur.

The difference between the DIE HARD FANS who got so entangled with their hero is that their experience is limited on their TV viewing.

While this guy whom one guy mentioned as a ranting traddie, was a student and co-worker of their TV hero.

Who then has more access to the CLOSET?

The moral of the story:  Not everything you see in TV is true, even if they use the BIBLE to expose the beauty of our religion.


  1. i have no idea at all on what you are saying.. Is this the one who is on the TV this morning?

  2. The Word Exposed. Nothing. I just like to post that hahaha

  3. Though I am not in any way a die hard fan of the subject of your rantings (although I do have proper admiration and respect for all the good that the subject has done) and while I do not want to sound combative, I do caution you to moderate your very personal views. Your blog's stance on most issues are commendable, but to rant and air yourself short of directly attacking your current subject especially in view of the latest development in the subject's life, I think, you ought to tread more cautiously lest your views be branded as one of those irksome, quarrelsome, baseless (of course, you may have your own private and "juicy" information) ultra-conservatives who are always on siege mode and croaks endlessly and unnecessarily like crazy crows of ill omen. The higher authorities who have put the subject where the subject is now must certainly had greater reasons to do what they did than otherwise. The Lord, after all, will not allow His Church to be misled, nothing shall prevail over and against the Church. Take a hint from that. A little more faith in the promises of the Lord "maybe" a better guide for your rantings than your private sources about this or that subject (if you have). Unless of course if you are jealous...(like the early workers in the vineyard)?

  4. Yeah my views can be viewed as irksome and quarrelsome especially for those who get affected by it.

    Bato bato sa the saying goes.

    As to the higher authorities....Uhm, I don't get what you are saying here.

    I actually have a LOT OF THINGS in this post.

    So, I certainly and definitely, DO NOT BELONG to the vineyard you are talking about since I DO NOT AND DID NOT WORK in the vineyard.

    Now that'll give you an idea who I am.

    Not all who attends THE CLASSES intend to work in the vineyard.

    And, FYI, the name of one of my private source is ME.

    The others are called WORKERS IN THE VINEYARD.

    I have been branded as such and I couldn't care less.

    I am not after the name-calling or tagging. I just want the truth to come out.

    Ever heard of the Bologna news?

    Why is anyone suddenly gone silent about it?

    But as I said, IT IS JUST ONE IN THE TV SHOWS I was referring to.

    If you need more hints, here's another one.

    Ever wonder why one priest would not let go of his REGULAR TV MASS?

    I have twenty three reasons.

  5. I hope TPC would not take offense in my comments

    I don't want to be combative also. By the way I had used that strategy a lot of times before when explaining my truth, I call it the "Oh-I-don't-want-a-fight-but-I-think-you-are-wrong" startegy. Anyway, yes the Church cannot be misled but history tells us that there are a lot of men (and sometimes women) who misleads other people inside it. From lay folks, religious, priests and even bishops. The Church will never err, and I am sure that Sir TPC is aware of that, so I think there is no need to remind him of it.
    And by the way what do you mean when you said
    "ultra-conservatives who are always on siege mode"
    What's wrong with being in "siege mode"? As Michael Vorris had said it, we sometimes picture the church as an impenetrable fortress that will never be breached after strong catapults from the outside. The impenetrable Church in defensive mode, that is how most Catholics today picture the Church when reminded of the verse "And the gates of hell will never prevail it". However, the verse tells us that its Hell, not the Church who has a "gate". The church must be on the offensive, A battering ram destroying gate's hell. So I wonder what Sir Illuminati (just kidding) mean when he said that "ultra-conservatives in siege mode" are irksome, troublesome and that their croaks are unnecessary. Does he mean that it is okay to be in siege mode as long as you are not an ultra-conservative? Or it is okay to be ultra-conservative as long as you are not baseless? Or it is wrong to be ultra-conservative altogether? BY THE WAY, what does ultra-conservative mean? How can we say that a conservative person is already "ultra"? Be careful with the words you throw. As the old poem says...speak your truth PLAINLY.

  6. Why would I take offense in that Little Tarcisius?

    You put it oh so excellently.

  7. I don't know which TV mass are you referring to,please give me the priest's name. Is it fr orbos or san luis?

  8. Josemaria, read my comments. The clue is in in my REASONS. ;)

  9. I think
    It's The "New one"...
    I wonder what's his deep secret that even I didn't know...