Thursday, December 1, 2011

A crazy woman, Miriam, teaches us human sexuality

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From Hell's Bible.

A reaction of a concerned citizen about Miriam Santiago's speech about people who don't have sex "need to see a doctor."

Yup, take it from the woman we all love to call "Brenda"


On TV news last Nov. 25, our very assertive senator dished out sex like she were giving out lollipops to little kids. In that one minute or so coverage, her message must have sunk deep into the nation’s viewing audience.  [Oh yeah, I did.  The side that is about Miriam giving her all out and telling the country she will have a career after her stint in politics: Stand Up Comedy, which obviously she will STINK BIG TIME!  Stand up comedians don't read from a piece of paper.  And, uhm, as a sex therapist?  Ugh!  One reasons why there is such a thing as chastity and celibacy.  Miriam would scare the hell out of you when she talks sex!]

What was very alarming was her sweeping statement that if you do not like sex, you’ve got to see a doctor because you are abnormal[Because Miriam talks and behaves NORMALLY....No that is a joke.]  What for? Because of a brain damage or something[For Miriam?!  Ha!  That is funny!] Isn’t she aware that there are many people who opt out of sex for higher dimensions of spirituality? Surely priests and nuns, bishops and cardinals and, above all, the pope are not abnormal people, considering the responsibilities they are holding.  [Well, if you are someone like Miriam Santiago who learned all about this in Maryhill School of Theology where they teach students that "sex was given a dirty concept by the Church and women are oppressed and...."  You get the drift.  The MJ superior said this.]

By endorsing a piece of legislation like the RH bill, this senator was expected by the people to do a candid but dignified handling of the topic because controversy over this issue has been raging for months. But no, she seemed to be taking it lightly, somewhat jokingly without regard to the repercussions of her pronouncements[What do you expect with a loon like Miriam?] And to think that it was a lady-senator who could have been our president telling university students to buy condoms if they could no longer suppress their sexual urges[Maybe she'd be the same woman to tell you and me that if you can't take your enemies anymore to just shoot them in the face!  Well, you have to think crazy things if you think of Miriam!]  It sounds like she was encouraging the indiscriminate use of condoms. No, madam senator, not that easy, not that fast. You have to be married first and, in a Christian society, we follow rules[Not for brats and b*Tches in the Freethinking Filipinos, which I love to call Freefarters because that is what they do, release gas!  And the group of Angsioco and Claudio an Melgar.  No rules, just sex.  But wait!.....Isn't THAT A RULE?  As I said before, there is no such thing as Anarchy because anarchists have their own rules.]  Rules that preserve life, and rules that do not kill.

You have overlooked the fact that Filipinos have dignity and moral values. They don’t copulate like dogs by the roadside to satisfy a sexual urge[Well, that makes Celdran a...NOOOO!!!!   I love my pet dogs!  Bad bad TPC!  Do not ever compare Celdran to dogs!  They are more civilized than him.  HA!]  You underestimate the sensitivity of Filipino society. Please do not bark this way or the big bone will fall from your mouth.  [Miriam is already foaming in the mouth.  Not from anger, but from lapsed medication.  Ha!]

retired principal,
Surallah, South Cotabato;


Looking at how Miriam behaves, this is one of the occasions I could go and give ex Pres. Fidel Ramos a big hug...for not letting her win in the 1992 Presidential Elections.

I know it's wrong, but hey, at least we did not end up in the asylum with her!

And as a hindsight, I still am banging my head why Cardinal Rosales did not give her a dressing down when she celebrated her wedding anniversary in the Manila Cathedral.

But it's just me.

I would still want to see her gagged and in  straight jacket.


  1. Miriam = Arogante
    "For the proud will be humbled, but the humble will be honored." Luke 14:11

    1. excuse me but what a shame...You are a priest yet you engage in mudslinging....

    2. hahahahaha!!! what a die-hard Miriam fan. I guess you have one of those jackets, eh?

  2. Hug Fidel who is also Pro-RH?

    My Atheist Acquaintance calls Pro-RH jerks as Freefarters(NO friend of the Church but He's Opposed to The bill)

  3. Your title alone says a lot about your being a Catholic Hypocrite! No wonder many have left your religion...and am one of them!!!! You judge & condemn people...when you are not even a real JUDGE as Miriam is!!! Practice what you preach Holier than Thou hypocrite!

    1. mgt, I am not judging you but you judged me. So......

    2. that's why an not catholic...Pilosopong Tasyo...basahin mo ang sinulat mo!Sa title mo palang...condemned na si Miriam! G _ G _!!!!!

  4. what kind of a blog is this??? you only publish favorable comments, so far just 2!!!!! have your fun then as Those who love Miriam are millions!!!!!

  5. Sen. Miriam has the people's mandate!She is elected by more than 15,000,000 filipino in office.Ginamit pa ang reaction ni SAGRA na pinadala niya sa PDI hahaha.Kaya ang hirap-hirap ng PInas dahil daming mga anak. May nagawa ba ang simbahan sa mga pobre?you suck the blood of the poor.Hindi ka nga malibing, mabinyagan etc kung wala kang pera.We Love sen.Miriam.Sorry sa mga pinoy na isip talangka na inggitero at mga malisyoso pa ang pag-iisip.OR just nothing at all?