Thursday, November 17, 2011

SNAPSHOT: Epic Fail Chalice

Monumental disrespect if you ever see a priest use this for Holy Mass!

I did and I did not know BEFORE that this is not allowed.

Until I read what Redemptionis Sacramentum said.


For more info about the right material to use for a chalice, click here.

Bottomline fellow Catholics...

We give the best for the people that matter to us.

Why not give the best for the Lord?

Wood is best?  Nah.  Glass, no siree!

Metal is good, brass, silver and gold is best.

And on a practical side, metal chalices last longer since unlike wood, it does not deteriorate easily and does not absorb the wine.

Get it?

PS:  I remember going to that liturgy school and monastery in Bukidnon.  Yup, I saw their store selling one of these.  Ugh!

And I thought we had a world-renowned liturgist among us!

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