Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The proud founder of the schismatic heretical Philippine Independent Church

ain't he so proud of his Masonic apron?


  1. The present IFI has much distanced itself from their founder's unorthodox theology. What Roman Catholics should do now is to extend the hand of genuine ecumenism and bring back the IFI to the church from which it separated.

    Some IFI dioceses have chosen to completely discard their Catholic heritage and have become very Evangelical. Their official statements have removed the "The Independent Catholic Church of the Philippines" label. This is in response to some developments in the Anglican communion of which they are in communion with.

    We have to encourage the IFI to remain true to its Filipino and Catholic heritage. Who knows, Anglicanorum coetibus may even be extended to them?

  2. So Sir Ben, "we should extend the hand of genuine ecumenism" to the IFI but we must not extend the same hand to the SSPX? "Oh the SSPX is one arrogant bunch" you might say, however, does the IFI even want the Church's "ecumenical hand" anyway?
    I just noticed that most of the time "traditional Catholics" in the Philippines would throw lofty and kind words with heretics and schismatics but won't give the same to anything or anyone from the SSPX.

  3. The SSPX still says it obeys the Roman Pontiff even if it is by all intents and purposes, schismatic. The IFI, Anglicans, the Orthodox and other Protestant ecclesial communities rejected the Roman Pontiff. This is the main difference and the goal of authentic ecumenism is bring them closer to Rome. The SSPX is in talks with Rome and it should be much easier to bring it Rome. Now what has happened?

    By the looks and sound of it, it is the SSPX which doesn't really want Rome's hand. The separated Anglicans, Lutherans, Methodists and some of their communities have approached Rome. Rome is finding a way for them to go home. Anglicanorum coetibus is the first of these initiatives. AC has born good fruit in the English Ordinariate. This is so much different with the SSPX. The SSPX wants to bring Rome to it. If they are traditional as they say, they should remember that the old pre-Vatican II way was the prodigal sons go home to Rome. Nothing really has changed except Rome has made it less imposing and difficult. Even with Unitatis Reditegratio, the separated still go home to Rome. Rome welcomes those who just arrived at home. It is ridiculous for the SSPX to think that Rome will go home to Econe! The SSPX should go home to Rome.

  4. yes because i am a pure ifi members and here in mindanao there where lots of dioceses who already erase the catholic religion and the might become protestant

  5. I really don't get what you put in there Unknown.