Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A post about a post: The INC logo

My post about the eerie similarity between the Masonic logos and the INC symbol which up until now the INC Administration does not know jack squat what the hell that symbol means, has generated quite a buzz.  Runner up of course is my challenge to Humpty Dumpty to do the same KSP stunt in a Mosque.

Well, here is a reaction to my post about See Any Similarities and my usual answers in red.


It is funny how you stand and focus in over analyzing the logo instead of comparing religions to Freemasonry in a broader sense. Now in 2011, everyone is talking about the Illuminati, the New World Order, the Fed and the other banking elites own by the Jews and the connection of the Order of Jesuits to the Illuminati. [I won't sweat this over because it is pretty obvious this is one work of a Google Archeologist.]  You as an apologist, I know that you have the knowledge on how the your religion is connected to Freemasonry and the Illuminati as well.  [Uhm, I don't... as well as the whole Church doesn't.  By the way, have you found an Illuminati?  Oh, yeah.  I think you are talking about Charice and her song Pyramid.  You know, Illuminati...Pyramid...Catholic Church....Conspiracy thingy?]

As a former INC [ok, now it gets interesting.] I can say "yes it is possible. But how about your religion? [Should I stop here now?  The guy just admitted it.]  From the corruption that happened during the scandal in the Vatican Bank which had involved billions of dollars,  [was there?  Boy the guy has connections in the CIA.] to sexual scandals by priests across the globe,  [yup INC ministers don't have it right?  WRONG!!!  My neighbor is a philandering INC minister, dude!] and when it comes to the Philippines, it is the biggest landlord in the country and its assets can't be equaled by any single private company in the country.   [Inggit lang si Manalo!  Ha!]

As for the INC architecture, why you Agnetta would say that it looks and feels creepy?  [It is a cheap rip off of Cindderella's Castle!] Don't you know that there are more churches in Europe which are scarier?  [Like?  Oh yeah, the modernist ones.] INC makes the most elegant churches not only in the Philippines even in the US(example Montclair chapel in CA)  [Engk!  INC just copied the Mormon Churches....dude!  Seriously Alvin, if indeed your INC temple in Tandang Sora is anywhere near beautiful, why is it not even cited by the UNESCO?  San Sebastian is more beautiful as do the churches in Ilocos, Laguna and Bohol.  I guess you do not know that since.....YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TO THOSE PLACES!  HA!] ] Copycats of And yes most their money which they have contributed goes to construction of churches and every member knows that because it is in their doctrine.   [Did you even see the Financial Statements of Manalo, Inc.?  The Inc on the last sentence is INTENDED as a pun.]

What about the Catholic Church? Where has all your money gone? You have more universities and hospitals than the INC which makes you richer but you can't make elegant churches like the INC's (maybe just a few like the San Sebastian Church).  [BooYah!  He loves San Sebastian!]  Not everyone in the INC are wealthy and compare to the population of the Catholics, it is not even a quarter.   [Now he admits that majority of INC folks are poor yet Manalo keeps on siphoning their money in exchange of what.....(drum roll.....)  SALVATION!]


This....uhm....former INC member...asks where the money of the Catholic Church has gone to.

Obviously, he does not know what the Vatican Museum and Secret Archives contain.  Obviously, he does not know how many churches, cathedrals and basilicas of the Catholic Church is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.  Obviously, he does not even know how many billions of dollars Catholic schools, colleges and universities spend on scholarships.  Obviously, he also does not know that the Catholic Church is the BIGGEST SINGLE CHARITABLE INSTITUTION IN THE WORLD.

Yup, he does not know that.

But the INC for him has everything.  Yet he also does not know that they are nowhere near the power and money of the Mormon Church which...obviously Felix Manalo Ysagun copied and envied.

Joseph Smith...last messenger....Felix Manalo...last messenger...

Oh yeah, I forgot.

I think he also found out that the aliens built the Pyramids of Giza, Man did not land on the Moon- it was all staged in Hollywood, Elvis if still alive in a remote island, Ferdinand Marcos is a son of Jose Rizal, Pope Joan existed, and Dan Brown found the lost city of Atlantis just as he found the tomb of Mary Magdalene, the real Holy Grail.


Now I need some aspirin.


  1. Hhmm...for a "former INC", he sure defends the INC a lot...

  2. Place your bets anyone? I am pretty sure this person will cite Jack Chick, Chiniquy and Alexander Hisop as credible historians. =) With the Vatican Bank conspiracy I believe he is getting it from the book "In God's Name", by David Yallop (or was it?) So clearly, the person who made this is a conspiracy theory fanatic who would believe anything as long as it excites controversy. It's more lika a Lady Gaga or an Eminenem trying hard to look smart and academic. AND PLEASE, for a very long comment could he at least have the "patience" to PROOFREAD!

  3. The true treasures of the saints are the saints and martyrs.

    with regards to material treasures that he is referring to it is actually priceless..

    "and when it comes to the Philippines, it is the biggest landlord in the country and its assets can't be equaled by any single private company in the country."
    --- actually the church lose many lands because they gave these to the poor. For example the franciscans owned a very big land in frisco but look how much of it remains?

    by the way i heard that INC bought a town in the US..

    INC.. elegant churches? yeah its elegant while the catholic church is not because the right term for the catholic churches is SACRED!

  4. Is he really a "FORMER", INC.?. If he is, why does he defend INC "SO MUCH." Personally, I doubt it.

  5. And why did the Manalo clan continue to use the surname of the mother of Felix(Manalo) instead of his father, "Ysagun"?

    The speculation strongly supports that the word "Manalo" means victory in the english language and by using this surname is part of a grand scheme of things to lure people that salvation is at hand. Looks like a "marketing" come-on to me, plain and simple!

  6. The Vatican has only 35 million euros cash on hand. Manny Pacquiao has more cash than the Vatican.

    The Vatican has to pay for maintaining those priceless art which are open for viewing, even to the Iglesia ni Cristo. An INC TV show showed their late Executive Minister ogling at St Peters! Now can anyone ogle at INC art inside their temple?

    1. Have you counted in the money from Pagcor, pa bingo inside the 'sacred' Catholic Chapel and other small vendors inside the church compound? What about the donation of other private and government institutions that came from shady dealings? Isn't that a sin money? Hypocrisy is not of true christian's cup of tea it's the workshop of the dark side.

  7. You have forgotten to count in the money from the Illuminati that trickles in to the coffers of Vatican. Vatican is the 3rd outpost of Illuminati.

    1. Yeah, the Illuminati is existing just like Area 51 and Big Foot and the Lochness Monster and Yoda.

    2. Illuminati do exist , otherwise Pope Benedict will not endorse the New World Order. Or he's suffering from Alzheimer's. Don't think so, he's a smart fella with vision like the real Illuminati.