Thursday, November 10, 2011

Online Conclave

Now here folks is what I promised you

This is really true.

I found this on the web.

You log in using you username and password from the true Catholic Church.


The same group that elected Pius XIII aka Fr. Lucian Pulvermacher, OFMCap (formerly) after he found out that the SSPX and other Traditional groups are not too Catholic for him.  He was elected via fax and phone vote.  He ordained and consecrated a lay Australian man, Gordon Bateman, who then consecrated him bishop....and TADAAAN!!!  He is now pope.

He died in 2009.

So since the "Chair of Peter" in Montana, the headquarters of the "true Catholic Church" is empty, then now call for a conclave.

Those who signed up are 99% lay, women among them.

Wanna join?


But you need to make your own cardinatial regalia like the cappa magna, ferraiolo, red biretta and galero ok?  Ha!

Time to photoshop your face and put into the body of a cardinal and then post it for all the world to see!

No, I won't do it.  I don't suffer from this form of delusion of grandeur.



PS:  Remember the consequences of your actions folks, joining this group for their "conclave" conducted online has serious repercussions in Canon Law.


Canon Law?


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