Thursday, November 10, 2011

Episcopalians sought to honor Pelagius

Oh and Pelagius is a heretic, by the way.


Contributions of Pelagius

Whereas the historical record of Pelagius’s contribution to our theological tradition is shrouded in the political ambition of his theological antagonists who sought to discredit what they felt was a threat to the empire, and their ecclesiastical dominance, [Ever heard of the term "It is a way for the all-male Vatican leadership who hides in their palaces to dominate us who work with the poor and the oppressed!  They are not as PASTORAL as us!" -  Yup, this is it.]  and whereas an understanding of his life and writings might bring more to bear on his good standing in our tradition, and whereas his restitution as a viable theological voice within our tradition might encourage a deeper understanding of sin, grace, free will, and the goodness of God’s creation, [Because Pelagius taught that man does not need Divine Grace to do good works.  Yup that'll enrich the dying Epsicopalian Church!]  and whereas in as much as the history of Pelagius represents to some the struggle for theological exploration that is our birthright as Anglicans, [like women ordination, homosexual "marriage"... keep on exploring.  You'll find more in hell.] Be it resolved, that this 105th Annual Council of the Diocese of Atlanta appoint a committee of discernment overseen by our Bishop, to consider these matters as a means to honor the contributions of Pelagius and reclaim his voice in our tradition And be it further resolved that this committee will report their conclusions at the next Annual Council.

Submitted by the Rev. Benno D. Pattison, Rector, the Church of the Epiphany


To our Episcopalian Brothers, there is Anglicanorum coetibus.

Try it.  It's waaaaayyy far better than this stupidity.

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