Tuesday, November 1, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: SSPX does not accept the Preamble!

Hence the stated consensus of those in attendance was that the Doctrinal Preamble was clearly unacceptable and that the time has certainly not come to pursue any practical agreement as long as the doctrinal issues remain outstanding. It also agreed that the Society should continue its work of insisting upon the doctrinal questions in any contacts with the Roman authorities.

In many ways we can see the hand of Providence in this meeting, falling as it did on the Feast of the Holy Rosary, given the clarification of Rome’s persistence in the modern errors, and the consequent necessity of continuing with the fight against modernism through fidelity to Catholic Tradition.

If the SSPX continues to insist that the Church is in error, does it effectively say that the Infallible Church has erred?


Read it all from Rorate!


  1. The SSPX has indeed chosen the road to schism and chances are also to heresy. My words are harsh but that befalls those who separate from the Roman See.

  2. Sir TPC here is an article from DICI,
    Since the meeting of the seminary Rectors and District Superiors of the Society of St. Pius X in Albano (Italy) on October 7, 2011, several comments have been published in the press about the answer that Bishop Bernard Fellay should give to the Roman propositions of September 14th.
    It has to be recalled that only the SSPX’s General House has the competency to publish an official communique or authorized comment on the subject.
    Until further notice, one should reference the communique of October 7, 2011.
    This article is dated November 2, 2011. So I guess there is still hope for the two parties to have a resolution. We must keep those beads working!

  3. I agree with your view Little Tarcisius. The seemingly looney Fr. Morgan and the loonier Bishop Williamson are the ones damaging the SSPX. The whole "there is a crisis in the Church" thing runs smack of complete arrogance.

    I acknowledge that there are modernists and heretics masking as Catholics in the Church. Hell, one got promoted to ARCHBISHOP!

    But the fact of the matter is, the Church persists and Joseph Ratzinger is sitting on Peter's Chair. If Williamson and Morgan insist that they are right and everybody is wrong, what makes him different from Martin Luther?

  4. The SSPX can't speak with a single voice on such an important matter like submission to the Papal authority!

    It is beginning to look like what usually happens when the Orthodox churches speak on a central issue with regards to relations with Rome.