Thursday, November 3, 2011

Angry Nuns protest coal power plant.

From UCANews.


Hundreds of nuns have criticized a decision by their city council that paves the way for the construction of a coal-fired power plant in Mindanao. [HUNDREDS?!?!?!]

Sister Elvie Solemino  [SISTER?!?!  Is that you?!?!  No not the one with shades.]  said today that she and around 200 members of the Association of Consecrated Women in Davao archdiocese have signed a petition demanding authorities reconsider their decision to reclassify land where Aboitiz Power Corp plans to build a 150 megawatt coal-fired power plant.

Sister Solemino said the decision was made without a proper environmental impact study and that the association will personally deliver copies to City Hall in a public demonstration of their opposition.  [And I am sure the group of nuns did, because that is what they do.  Profess vows to protect the environment....]

Davao city council last week granted the firm’s application for the land to be reclassified [Now that is fishy.] from medium industrial to heavy industrial so it can be used to locate the power plant.

Sister Solemino said the city’s decision “dismayed” the nuns because it allows Aboitiz to “disrespect the sanctity of God’s creation.”  [Uhm....]

City officials who voted in favor “disregarded the cries of the people,” she said.  [The cries of the WOMYN.]

The power company says it wants to build the plant in Davao to help augment Mindanao’s power supply.  [True if you ask me.  Mindanao power sucks!  Power outages are so common, you'd be surprised you have power!]

It says Mindanao’s heavy reliance on hydro-electric power has seriously eroded power supply reliability since it is highly vulnerable to extreme weather conditions.

“Generating power with the use of coal will significantly reduce dependence on hydro power,” the company explained.  [But it is dirty.  And Aboitiz is dirtier!]

Nonetheless, the nuns and other groups opposed to the plant have branded the city council’s decision to approve land reclassification as reckless.  [Go to the courts!  Not the streets!  Oh, yeah.  I think they don't have the evidence.]


The title of this post paints a picture in my mind.

You know, like the famous video game.


You know, most of the times, it is not really about caring for the environment that these WOMYM are out in the streets fighting for these issues.  Most of the time, it is rooted on ECO-FEMINISM and NEO-PAGANISM.


God in the creation stuff.  Ugh!

But on the other hand, it is a good thing that some groups fight for the protection of the environment, no?

The ends justify the means?

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