Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Please, whatever you are doing right now, when you read this, STOP AND PRAY, ONE OUR FATHER, ONE HAIL MARY AND ONE GLORY BE.

Include the Memorare!

The forces of Evil in the House of Representatives are moving and they want to railroad the RH Bill.


To: Dearest Parish Priests, Parish Pastoral Council Brethren and Pro-life lay/ Organizations in Metro Manila.

Greetings of Peace and Life!

As many of us are now aware, the debates on HB 4244 (RH Bill) have started in Batasan, and we are at the start of a challenging and long drawn debate.

Many of us are ardently praying for the succes of the pro-life congressmen in defeating the bill and also many have started to become more active in bringing the arguments against the RH bill to their parish churches and lay organizations. This is very encouraging but NOT enough: Veritas Radio (which we must always tune in to) and internet helps A LOT but still lacking, WHY?

we are not supported by the secular media in programs/ information and news.our supporters and those who are not sure about issues must have 100% awareness of events unfolding.

The appeal is for all to do MUCH MORE by being where the ACTION is!

help share the burden of having committed pro-lifers attend the Batasan debates, 3-7 PM every Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting next week.

The RH gallery is well funded and always full giving the impression that they have many supporters even as they are repeatedly just the same crowd. The pro-life gallery, on the other hand, is almost empty, with only few well-meaning pro-lifers in attendance.

Our presence in the gallery will boost the morale of our allies in congress and the fence sitters maybe encouraged to jump to our side. The congressmen of the majority party, seeing our great numbers, may also be encouraged to cross party lines.

In this light, we request that you organize your parishioners, members and constituents to troop to congress. We need to spread out our schedule. Please sign up now. Attached is the schedule table.Coordinate with Pro-Life Philippines at landline 733-70-27 or 734-94-25 (look for Lorna). Also you can reach us via email and advise us your intended date. We need at least 300 guests to fill up the gallery.

Please Note: Sessions start at 4PM but lining up at the gate begins at 3PM. Be in white,blue or red. When asked, say you are guests of Buhay Party List of Cong. Michael Velarde or Cong. Irwin Tieng. Parking is limited. No drinks & food allowed.

We pray to our Mother Mary, the Queen of LIFE that all of us are blessed with the desire for a Pro-Life VICTORY.

In Christ Jesus,

Eric Manalang Sr. Pilar Verzosa, RGS Edgardo Sorreta
President Founder Chairman
Pro-Life Philippines

Please pass and help us disseminate.

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