Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Twist and Shout!

Pro-RH supporter are gloating over the apparent reference of Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile to male masturbation as a form of  "abortion" since masturbation kills the human sperm.

Did he imply that?

Did he really say it so?

Well, let's look at the excerpts of the minutes of that particular Senate Deliberations on the RH Bill.


SEN. PIA CAYETANO: “So, if a man and a woman are sleeping together as husband and wife and a man avails of the withdrawal method and ejaculates outside the vagina of a woman, that is ‘interference’ in the same way a condom would be, because the man and the woman decided not to allow the egg and the sperm to meet, is that his Honor’s position?”
SEN. JUAN PONCE ENRILE: “Well, if the man wants to satisfy himself by manipulating himself alone, if it is only for pleasure, then it interferes with the production of life. That is my belief. That is a matter of faith to me.”


And now that we read that PART, let us read what a stupid blog entry from a stupid blog has to say!

Faith is important for Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and it is important for the Filipino Roman Catholics. But should faith interfere with the laws of a secular government, or should the rule of the church be included in the law with the highest regard.  [Well, Freemasonry is surely gloating right now.  First of all, is the Philippine government really a secular government?  If that be so, then why, pray tell, do we even invoke the Holy Name of God in the Constitution of the land?  Why, pray tell, does a prayer, for any religion of this land, is said first even before we sing the National Anthem?]
'Pro-Life' Senator Enrile believes that the sperm is a living entity and that ejaculating it outside a vagina is a form of abortion and that a sperm’s purpose is only for pro-creation and not for pleasure.  [See?  If that ain't stupid, then call me a walking breathing tax paying spermatozoa!]

Should his belief and the other Catholics belief be accepted in an intellectual discourse or not? Will the senate even consider it? No one knows, until the RH Bill has come to a vote.... or will it?

First off, they libelled against the Senator for saying things that the Senator did not say.

Second, they ridicule the Senator of his personal religious conviction.  He said so.  Now try that on Muslims.  Make fun of them for not eating pork.  Let's see.

Third, that stupid blog entry got a lot of supporters from supposedly Free Thinking Filipinos.  Seriously?  They call describe themselves as THINKING.

Fourth, there is no abortion if there was no human life IN THE WOMB that was killed.

Unless you view the human sexual faculty as a means to propagate life, then there is nothing left for us to talk about.

And as they say, Think before you click!

Right, Howie Severino?

Hope you do that advocacy on yourself!


  1. Senator Enrile fell for a logical fallacy. In no way can coitus interruptus be considered masturbation. He fell for Pia Cayetano's trap!

    Also to comment on the blog post

    Sperm cells are indeed living entities, however they are haploid. And as living entities they have a life span. Sperm may be ejaculated from the penis naturally as part of the sexual development of the male or in the act of sex. Thus in no way can this be construed as abortion since in nature billions of sperm die without having the chance to fertlize the ovum. Abortion refers to the natural or artificial termination of a pregnancy. Since sperm are haploid they have no viability longer than what their mitochondria can provide them with the energy derived from cellular resources.

    The whole RH debate and I criticize both those who support and are against it, suggests the total lack of Science in debate as evidenced by Carlos Celdran, Pia Cayetano, JP Enrile, Lito Lapid, Mirian Santiago and all those illogical Freethinkers and Catholics who just accept the church teaching with reasonably and clearly thinking about it.

  2. Actually Doc Ben, Sen. Enrile did not say that masturbation is abortion.

    I even dare anyone to give the transcription of that interpellation where Sen. Enrile said so.