Wednesday, October 19, 2011

St. Pedro Calungsod...soon!

My good friend, Carlos Antonio Palad of Filipino Catholicism, posted a breaking news about the impending approval of the decree of canonization of the second Pinoy saint, Blessed Pedro Calungsod!

You can read more about it here.

Don't try Googling it. You won't find it yet. Mr. Palad has a great network in the Church, here and abroad.


  1. The first saints of the Philippines are all laypeople! Praised be God!

    On another matter unrelated to Bl Pedro Calungsod but the new English translation of the Mass, I have read Fr Chupungco's catechetical explanation in his book. My judgement is that the good Father is going into all sorts of philosophical contortions to justify that the 1973 translation is better! It is a better idea just to shut up!

  2. Good news! Blessed Pedro Calungsod will be canonized on October 21, 2012, along with 6 other Blesseds from Italy, France, Spain, Germany and America. This news is the headline of all the major newspapers here in Cebu City.

    Here's an excerpt from one of the leading newspapers:

    October 21, 2012 is a red-letter day for Filipino Catholics ... Pope Benedict XVI announced the date for the canonization of Pedro Calungsod ...

    Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma watched the live broadcast of the Pope's announcement over EWTN from his residence in Cebu City

    The Pope declared the coming honors for seven "blessed" ... at the end of a consistory for new cardinals held at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome about 7 pm. Philippine time.

    Archbishop Emeritus of Cebu Ricardo Cardinal Vidal was in Rome attending he consistory that named 22 new cardinals. Vidal is the overall chairman for the canonization of Calungsod.