Monday, October 10, 2011


I have blogged about this in the past and here it is again.

The Cardinal Archbishop and the deacons of the Mass including the concelebrants of the Ordination Mass recently held in the Cathedral Basilica in Manila are facing the nave while the faithful in attendance and the deacons being ordained who lie prostrate (which is stupidly referred to by anti-Catholics as "planking", ugh!)  are all facing the high altar and the Tabernacle where the Eucharistic Lord is.

Before it was only the Cardinal and the deacons of the Mass who faced the nave and the concelebrating.

And in another confusing photo, here is a non-traditional way for the newly ordained to impart their first blessings.

Compare it with this one.

Take note that the two other bishops attended "in choir".  I guess they might have placed a stole over their choir dress during the actual ordination rite and took it off right after.  As a matter of fact, not all of the ordained, priest or deacon have to attend and be "part" of the Mass as concelebrant or an assisting deacon.

But I digress.

Your thoughts on this one from RCAM again, please.

On a related note, let us welcome the new priests of the Archdiocese of Manila!

Harvest souls for the Lord!


  1. Clergy in attendance should sit in choir and should be in choir dress. Even non-Catholic clergy who may be invited to the ordination may sit in choir in choir dress. For example Anglican and Orthodox bishops are in some places routinely invited to Catholic liturgical rites as an ecumenical gesture. Protestants and Evangelicals too are invited but since they do not believe in the Apostolic succession, they usually do not sit in the choir and are not in choir dress but in preaching gown. The Orthodox and Anglicans have some sort of precedence here.

    Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox clergy sit in the choir (quire)in choir dress.

    Traditionally only the Pope can wear a stole over choir dress as we have seen when Benedict XVI worshiped in Westminster Abbey. I don't know if the Pope has abolished this tradition. But normally bishops don't put a stole if they sit in quire since a stole symbolizes the dispensing of the Sacraments usually the Eucharist. Anglican bishops wear a tippet or a preaching scarf over the chimere when in choir dress. The tippet is not a Eucharistic vestment.

    The Manila Cathedral sure has space for the quire (ooops Anglican usage) but is this used for the purpose intended?

  2. Well, it is an obvious thing and common in Manila. During the feast of St. Pio, the Diocese of Novaliches has ordained its two Deacons to the Priesthood. One of them even participated during the EF Pontifical High Mass last April. Bishop Tobias even faced the altar and the tabernacle during the intonation of the Litany of the Saints with its usual Benedictine Altar Style arrangement. However, kudos and congratulations to the new RCAM priests. May God give them fruitful and abundant grace. Sacerdos in AETERNUM!