Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First US Episcopalian parish received into the Catholic Church!

That is Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington anointing the Rev. Mark Lewis, the former rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Parish in Bladensburg, Maryland during his Confirmation and members of his parish at the Crypt of the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

He came in last symbolic of his role as shepherd of the community. "A good shepherd must be sure his flock gets through the gate" he said.
“We considered ourselves a Catholic parish to begin with,” said Lewis, the former pastor. “We aligned ourselves much more closely with Catholic theology than Protestant theology. If you really weren’t a student of religion, you would say nothing has really changed. What’s taking place is internal. Becoming Roman Catholic was a natural progression of our faith.”

One interesting note is that at the basilica, the parishioners stood to receive Holy Communion which is unusual for them since at St. Luke’s, they usually receive kneeling.

Yup, you are right Doc Ben. Sometimes, those who are not Catholics are MORE CATHOLICS than those who call themselves Catholics.

RH Catholics come into mind? How about Catholic priests who HATE parishioners kneeling for Communion and receiving only on the tongue?

SARS! Yeah, you wish. There's no more health scare, WHY NOT STOP COMMUNION IN THE HAND?!?!

But I digress. But still it was worth it, eh?

And if you ask the theologians at MST, SVST and Euntes...

Nah! You don't need that! You can be saved in any creed you want to believe in. As in ANY! As long as you love one another and save Mother Earth. Huwah!


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