Friday, October 28, 2011

Episcopal Church - quality over quantity?

The Episcopalian Church in the US has its membership from 2,006,343 members in 2009 to 1,951,907 in 2010.

Why could they be losing members?

They allowed ordination of women.

Ordained openly and active homosexuals.

Blessed homosexual unions.

Allowed contraception. I dunno if they support early term abortion.

And all those "signs of the times" aggiornamento theology that unfortunately, some theologians at Loyola, most in Maryhill and St. Vincent and Euntes advocate, are the very reasons that sifts the membership coffers of the Episcopalian Church. Note to these "Catholic" theologians:  JUST STOP IT.  IT's NOT WORKING.

As this quote from the report says:
"Departures to other churches have fueled Episcopal decline, as have decreasing baptisms and its graying population.

"These statistics contrast sharply with more theologically conservative Anglican churches in the global south, many of which are witnessing skyrocketing numbers.

"Despite all its liberal cheer leading about inclusiveness, the Episcopal Church is a dwindling, nearly all white, increasingly gray-headed denomination with a grim future, absent divine intervention."

So what, they aim for quality of members over quantity?

Like this quantity?

Uhm, can I phone a friend?

Read about the shrinking number of souls professing the Episcopalian Faith here.

By the way, ever heard of ANGLICANORUM COETIBUS?

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  1. The Episcopal Church has to return to

    1) The Book of Common Prayer
    2) Scripture and Tradition which the Book of Common Prayer is an excellent guide
    3) The teaching of its Divines who over the centuries, have taught truths the Church has held dear.

    There is hope though. Many Anglicans still hold on to the historic Catholic truths.