Monday, October 3, 2011

Dream on!

From Hell's Bible, Pinoy version


THE artist behind a controversial art installation and an official of the institution that presented it asked the Ombudsman on Thursday to dismiss the criminal charges filed against them by religious groups offended by the artwork. In separate filings with the Office of the Ombudsman, artist Mideo Cruz and former Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) visual arts department head Karen Flores maintained that the exhibit “Kulo” was not meant to be offensive but was a valid art exercise.   [I am still waiting for that phallus on the nose of Mohammad and Felix Manalo in the CCP.]

Flores, who resigned last month as CCP’s visual director after the controversy erupted, said the works in the exhibit, including Cruz’s, were not immoral or obscene as claimed by some Catholic groups. “It was an [junk] art exhibition in the country’s premier venue for art exhibitions, not only of one artwork but of the artworks of 32 artists of varying styles and perspectives who happened to have all studied at UST, which is marking its 400th year as an academic institution—a Roman Catholic institution at that,” said Flores in her affidavit. Pro-Life Philippines, led by Manuel Dayrit and Eric Manalang, and other Catholic lay groups had filed criminal charges against Flores, Cruz and the CCP board for allowing Cruz’s work, Poleteismo, in the exhibit. Poleteismo depicted mundane objects such as condoms and a penis juxtaposed on images of Jesus Christ, among other images.

The entire exhibit was shut down after a hue and cry was raised by conservative quarters. Manalang said they charged the artists and the CCP with violating Article 201 of the Revised Penal Code, which refers to offenses against decency and customs. Cruz, for his part, said his installation was meant to be a comment on Philippine society. He pointed out the art piece had been exhibited elsewhere, including the Jesuit-run Ateneo de Manila University-Loyola School, and that it was aimed at furthering discourse on art, society and Philippine politics. [I heard a different story about this.  Some close friends who saw the Ateneo version did not see the phallus.  And if it was made by an alumnus of UST, which according again to a friend from UST, Cruz is not a UST alumnus), and it was exhibited in a "Catholic by name only" university like Ateneo....WOULD THAT MAKE IT RIGHT, LEGAL AND MORAL?]


Freedom has its limits, because absolute freedom is for spoiled brats and undomesticated animals only!

And it has not room in a civilized society wherein people are mindful of others' sentiments.

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