Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Archbishop of Davao says no to SSPX Rosary Crusade...



From UCANews

AN invitation by the Society of St. Pius X to clergy and lay people to attend their celebration of the feast of the solemnity of the Most Holy Rosary on Friday was rejected by the Archdiocese of Davao.

Father Thomas Onoda, the head of the international Catholic traditionalist organization in the Philippines, had announced that all who wanted to join could gather in liturgy last weekend.

Archbishop Fernando Capalla of Davao rejected the group’s invitation, and advised Catholics against joining.

As long as the society does not have canonical status in the Church, its ministers do not exercise legitimate ministries in the Church,” he said, quoting Pope Benedict XVI’s 2009 letter regarding the organization.

“For this reason our Catholics – priests, Religious and laity – are hereby advised not to participate in any ministry – liturgical celebration, teaching and community – of the Society of St. Pius X,” the prelate said.


Just to pray the Rosary?!?!  The CBCP even prayed with the SSPX for the defense of life.  We saw a lot of YouTube videos about this.  Countless bishops sat with Fr. Onoda and delivered their message of support for the Rosary Crusade.

I have heard stories of how the SSPX "crashed" a seminar about the TLM in Davao and this might have cause the Archbishop to turn down the invite.  And I think it might be justified...


Will the same treatment be given to the likes of the INC who say nothing but filth against the Pope, the Church and the laity?

Hell, they even ridicule the Lord Jesus for calling him a mere man!

Just asking!


  1. The INC won't be seen in ecumenical prayer with Christians. So we don't need to worry. The problem with the SSPX is some of their laity are quite confrontational.

  2. What is it with them? isn't it A okay to attend SSPX Masses? and wasn't it the Holy Father who said they weren't schismatics? i just don't get it. i can't wait for the look on the modernists' faces when the sspx get regularised. :))) just saying!

  3. praying the rosary with the SSPX is not okay but it's okay to pray with aglipayans, attend born again protestants' rock worship concert and pray with our brother moslems. hhhmmm... confusing

  4. Do we need valid ministers to pray the rosary?

  5. But in this case, Doc Ben, it was the SSPX priests who went to the TLM Seminar in Davao and were the ones who were confrontational.

  6. Thank you, God, I'm not living in Davao!

    Though I attend SSPX Mass here at Quezon City, our bishop never gave such rule to his faitful.

  7. I doubt if the Archbishop would issue the same instruction if he or the Archdiocese was invited by Protestants. They more in common than the SSPX. Bishop nowadays would gladly send their flocks to any ecumenical feasting or prayer meeting whatsoever but not with SSPX. Just curious if Protestants syncretism weighs for for the Archbishop than Tradition.

    1. Correction @Dave SSPX is far away from being a protestant! Please study your catechism before you talk about my religion.