Monday, October 10, 2011

Adult Male Altar Servers anyone?

What do you say about this?

Let me read your comments before I post mine.

I think you have an inkling of what I will say.

I will reserve this for the week.

By the way, this is the Adult Altar Servers of the Imus Cathedral of, yep!, our favorite bishop here at TPC.

The photo came from their Facebook group page.


  1. It would be better if they will wear cassock and surplice... hehe

  2. Honestly, there are other "ministries" in the Church that these men can join. Why take the spot away from young men? Remember that most of those who became priests were attracted to the vocation because of the service in the altar.

    If I may be blunt, I think this is more of an ego trip. Try to take away these men from the altar and sanctuary and you bet you'll hear complaints. That is how most EMHCs I met react albeit grudgingly.

    This is another case of making "pseudo-priests" out of the laity.

  3. @ Sir Pinoy Catholic

    "...making "pseudo-priests" out of the laity"

    I agree with that no Offense to some good mannered EMHCs
    some EMHC sometimes feel that they are "more than a priest." Some of them are doing some "Open the Tabernacle Marathon, the 1st one to open wins!!!" During the "Singing of Lamb of God" and hovering around the altar together with the Priest rather than young altar servers for easy access to the altar. I've had some terrible experiences with some EMHCs like scolding us when blocking their way to the sanctuary demands to provide them better seats in order to go near the priest, treating some educated altar servers as janitors or house boy to do what they want and worse when I got in to visit our Cathedral I saw the EMHCs are seating beside the Cathedra of the Bishop during an ordinary Pontifical Mass which I thought are seminarians in the 1st place...

    And instead of making them adult altar servers why don't they Join Catholic Apologetic groups in their diocese, you know that our Church would be pleased for more Catholic faith defenders.